Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview by Luis Ricardo Ginés Echeverría, El Siglo and La Vanguardia (Spain, June 11, 2008)

In his interview with El Siglo from Spain, Mr.Adnan Oktar again talks touches on very important subjects.
Stating that atheism deprived people of their happiness, Mr.Adnan Oktar gave examples of the sorrows inflicted on humans by Darwinism which is the major factor that widespead atheism. 
In this interview Mr.Adnan Oktar was asked many questions regarding his works on Darwinism, about the impact of his works all around the globe, about Freemasonry and so much more…
Adnan Oktar: “.. Darwin may never have imagined that modern science would progress this far. The structure of the cell was unknown at that time. Nothing was known about the structure of molecules or atoms or about proteins. For example, it is impossible for a protein to come into being by chance. But Darwin was unaware of that. He did not know that intermediate form fossils do not exist. But this was only realised later.”
You can download or watch online the full interview by El Siglo from the link below.


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