Mr. Adnan Oktar's live talk with the independent researcher and author Mr. Alexander Murinson on A9 TV (October 11th, 2011; 13:00)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 11th, 2011

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Hello and peace to you..

ADNAN OKTAR: Wa alaykom as-salam. Welcome. How are you?

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Thank you. It's not the first to me that I've met a lot of nice, warm, frank Turkish people.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes.. Let us inquire after his health and learn how he is.. How are you?

ALEXANDER MURINSON: I'm great. I'm in a good mood.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. May Allah salve you even beter. May Allah give you health and welfare. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: I also speak Turkish a little.. very very little. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. May Allah give you salvation, beauty and goodness. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Thank you. Thank you so much, and I'd like to return my blessings back.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. May Allah be pleased with you. You may go on.. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: I would like to ask about the possibility to restart the very good and warm relations between the people of Israel and the people in Turkey like you write in your books about the Turkish world. Because Turkey is becoming a leader in the Turkish world today and people look up to Turkey and so I would like to see how we could restore the very warm and very close-knit relationship between the people of Israel and the state of Israel and the state of Turkey and the Turkish people in particular.

ADNAN OKTAR: It will be much more better than it was before. That is because the King Messiah imparted in the Torah is in the world at the moment.   I mean the Mahdi (pbuh) is in the world  now. Consequently we are in a time that the Children of Israel will live the most beautiful life. We are at a time that the Muslims will live the most beautiful life. The people in Turkey, the Turkish people approach Israeli people with love and compassion. Such transient, political crisis happens, but this is not a norm. Look let me give you a very sharp indication. Turkey is having a big radar system in Malatya specifically to protect Israel. It is done within the structure of NATO. The characteristic of this system is that it aims to strike down the rockets on the airspace of Turkey or Iran, or even on the airspace of Syria if there happens to be a nuclear attack towards Israel.  That is something that requires a great sacrifice. That is because when a rocket is striken on the air the parts and the spatters would pour upon that region. And consequently Israel is being protected in the perfect sense. Even this alone is a very explicit proof of an extra-ordinary compassion, an extraordinary protection and sacrifice. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Yes. I actually wrote a book, published a book in England which is called, "Turkey's Entente With Israel and Azerbaijan" and this book was part of my dissertation, my doctoral dissertation in London and in this book I make the claim that Turkey, Israel and I wrote specifically about Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani people are uniquely endowed to be very,  extremely very close allies, because of the historical and because of the historical warmth between these three people, so it's a logical extension in the modern times, in the modern context of international relations that this union which was propagated in 1999 but I think that as you mentioned with respect that a lot of tensions which have been noted in the media need to be calmed down and the media  should send a message of calm and confidence in this special gift of friendship between Turkish and Israeli people.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, what is practiced is important. In practice there is no tension in between peoples; in between the Turkish people and the Israeli people. But there might be some political discussions, political tensions in between governments. This is not something binding for the peoples, it is not something that fundamentally effects them. There is nothing that changed, on the contrary Israeli people and the Turkish people have drawn even closer to each other and are in an emotional state that coalesces with each other even further. That is because, this is the specialty of the time of King Messiah. That will happen anyway. I mean Allah does this even if people do not want to.. I mean that is a very wondrous time. The time [we are living in] is an extra-ordinary time. Allah influences the hearts of people with His name al-Jabbar. Willingly or unwillingly people will all enter into this affection, this unity. The people of Israel, as you know, have been waiting for the Messiah for 3000 years. It is now the time of the King Messiah, the Shiloh. Both according to the Torah and according to the hadiths, there is no time other than this. We are at the End of Times, we are at the treshold of the Last Day. Apart from this century there is no other time for the appearance of the King Messiah. There is no other time for the arrival of the Mahdi. The foundation of the state of Israel is itself a portent of the arrival of the Mahdi, the Moschiah. All the portents defined in the Torah have been realized. All the portents defined in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) have been realized. The weapons will be removed, the armings will stop from that on. The money spent of weapons will be directed to the natural needs like food and clothing of the poor and the needy. From that point on the dissension and anarchy would decrease gradually and dissapear. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Thank you so much for this message of peace and certainly there are a lot of signs in the air that the times of Moschiah (Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)) are upon us. There are a lot of signs in that direction, but I would like to also stress that it is upon also us, human beings, to do our part, to do our role in this process and to do, basically do by our deeds, show the example as a model of peaceful co-existence of the creation of the tools for the improvement of human health to defer the dependence on the oil and [natural] gas the subject which creates the environmental damage to the planet. I believe that it's our responsibility and our function to help Moschiah (Messiah, Hz Mahdi (pbuh)), when he comes and we did our part. We fulfilled our role in this world.

ADNAN OKTAR: And we are doing this and we will continue to do so. But at the moment, the events are taking place with his guidance, by the Will of Allah and by His leading the way. I mean it is again the King Messiah who enables our such meetings with you all. Allah makes him instrumental in this. 


ADNAN OKTAR: Or else wars would have erupted long before; there would have been dissensions and riots. However by means of King Messiah, Allah does not let this happen and stops this war, this dissension. He stops such incidents. He enables the rapprochment of Israel and Turkey. He enables the rapprochmant of Arabs and Turkey. He enables all Muslims loving one another. He enables peace in the world and strengthens the reaction against war. He keeps on with his struggle underhandedly, quietly and retiringly. We are a soldier, a servant of the beautiful studies of that King Messiah. We are assisting him to the best of our ability. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: I would also just like to stress important points that instead of Israel, the Muslim citizens of our state are treated with respect to their religious and to their social duties, they have their own schools, they have their own courts, and the state of Israel provides a lot of welfare support for their people who are in distress both among the Jews and among the Muslim people. I would just like to stress that the state of Israel has a great respect for all religions of the world and especially the Abrahamic religions such as Islam and such as Christianity and I would like to stress that your viewers are aware that Jewish people here don't have any animosity toward people of other faiths and especially Turkish people whose religion is always more moderate, is much more tolerant of other peoples, which is very unique as I said about the uniqueness of the Turkish historical path and its place in the history of humanity and its tolerance was always very important characteristic of  the Turkish people and that's why it's so unique given the history of the Jewish people which have been persecuted by, in Europe and in some other countries as well, so obviously this gift of tolerance cannot be underestimated  or overestimated in that sense, and it's very important to preserve these good feelings and to moderate some of the voices in the media which kind of create a lot of tensions, which are absolutely unnecessary.

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, we've been actively working in this direction for a while. We really did attain great results. The tension in between Israel and Turkey has now come closer to almost the zero level. I mean the activities that we have been carrying on are bringing results and we are attaining beautiful results. For instance our conversations with you.. and we also had some other guests yesterday. We have had Rabbi guests. As the result of these activities, the tension is pretty much over. And it will insha'Allah be even better. But the real goal is not to put an end to this tension but to unite Turkey and Israel, it is to form union with Azerbaijan and the Turkic states and the Arabic states, I mean with the Arabic Muslims and to set aside the borders, that means to make it possible to pass by the borders without a passport or a visa. Otherwise of course there will be national states. There will be a beautiful life in peace. But no one can enable this other than King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh). You can be sure of that. I mean forming communities, gathering, making speeches, various institutions and organizations stepping in; these would never give any results. Allah had commissioned the King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh) about this matter. This attachment, this affection can only be formed with the electricity Mahdi would provide, with the strength he will supply by the leave of Allah. Other than that, it would only remain as a wishful thinking. There is no other way. For that reason, we as Muslims and you as the Israeli Jews should intensely pray for the appearance of the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and we all should fulfill this religious duty. When these conditions are met, when we keep the words of our Prophet (saas), when we abide by the Mahdi, we would be abiding by one single mind and thus the whole would get under the guidance of a conscientious, merciful, honest and reasonable person. Then peace, love, happiness, goodness and justice would be realized in the full acceptation of the word. Allah had described this at length in the Torah.  The Qur'an makes a reference to the Torah as well; to the Torah and the Psalm. I mean, Allah states that the world dominion is mentioned in the Torah and the Psalm. Our Prophet (saas) has also made a reference to the Torah and the Psalm in his hadiths in regard to the Mahdi , that is the King Messiah. Consequently a sincere Jew would believe that this happiness, this beauty could only be attained by the way of the King Messiah, the Mahdi. That is the same with the Muslims. I mean this is how it is in the 4 ahl-al sunnah sects and also in the Shia sect and the Jaferite sect as well. The opposite is unimaginable. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: It's very heartening to hear this. But it is important that people who are listening to, or watching are aware of the importance of those steps when Israeli people and Turkish people are overcoming this spirit of tension and that's a very heartwarming message that basically this tension has passed. It's very important that such a leader, I myself, I am not a scholar of Islamic tradition; I'm interested in history and political science, and I'm a religious person, a Jewish religious person and I certainly believe that there's the importance of how other faiths express their way to the same goal. Obviously, the goal is one and the same goal; but every religion obviously has its own way and it's own way of expressing how this goal is going to be reached but obviously there is no conflict in the religious understanding of this era, of this time we're living in right now.

ADNAN OKTAR: Actually the proponents of the dajjal (anti-messiah) had a very evil intention. They really wanted to cause a war in between Israel and Turkey and they had prepared the infrastructure for that. But we have spoilt their plots. They have been crumpled up. And we have brought them to a state that they can never get into such a plot again. We have almost tied them. Consequently they are now watching things from a distance. They were trying to get Turkey in such a trouble. They were attempting to drag Israel into such a trouble. But the branch of the Moschiah, the Mahdi had destroyed that plot. This happened in front of the eyes of everyone, of the whole world. You see that as well. And as the students of the Mahdi, the Mosciah we are assisting this as well. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: I appreciate your very insightful understanding. I really appreciate that such a very important statement for the viewers, so that people will be more strengthened, and the ability of our peoples to live together, to cooperate together and to build a better future for humanity essentially. Not only for our people exclusively, but for humanity as a whole.

ADNAN OKTAR: This century is very beautiful. This is the century that is heralded in the Torah, that is heralded in the Qur'an and in the hadiths; this is the century that the whole world would be Islam.  It is a century that everyone would live in peace and tranquility. The whole Israel should be at ease. All the Arabs, all the Palestinians should be at ease. The world is not desolated, the world is under the control of good people at the moment. 


ADNAN OKTAR: We are sending our regards and love, I am sending my regards to all Israelis and all Palestinians. 

ALEXANDER MURINSON: Thank you so much. It was a great opportunity to talk to you..

ADNAN OKTAR: I thank you too, Regards and greetings.


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