Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview with Mr. Jonathan Powers (Journalist and Writer) on A9 TV dated October 7th, 2011

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 7th, 2011



JONATHAN POWERS: Oh, thank you very much. I am glad to be with you.

ADNAN OKTAR: How are you?

JONATHAN POWER: I am very good. I wish I were in Turkey, where it is a bit warmer than Sweden.  

ADNAN OKTAR: That is right, it is almost like summer here. 

JONATHAN POWERS: Well, I am envious.

ADNAN OKTAR: But we also like Sweden very much 

JONATHAN POWER: Well it is in many ways. Talking about the weather, the winters are terrible. And the people there, they are not particularly friendly to outsiders, even to Europeans.

ADNAN OKTAR:  Now, we will unite in the future. There will be the Turkish-Islamic Union insha'Allah, with the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), all the world will be brothers.  

Here you go please, let me take your questions

JONATHAN POWERS: Yes, well I thought we should perhaps talk about Turkey and Israel.


JONATHAN POWERS: As far as I can see it from this perspective, Israel has taken a very strong position about the boat people and it has refused to except that it was so aggressive in its attempt to detain the boat people. I wonder with the next boat people- because I've read that there is going to be quite a few more boats- if you think this kind of confrontation can be avoided?       

ADNAN OKTAR: No, there will be no collision with Israel. Yes. Turkey is having a radar base built in Malatya to protect Israel. And this is a very comprehensive system that will protect Israel from a nuclear attack. It is intended specifically to protect Israel. And of course it is intended to protect other countries as well but it aims specifically to protect Israel.  Turks have always been protective, compassionate and had watched them over. However that is correct, they really have reacted very aggressively and acted with an unnecessary fierceness. They could have used a more proportionate force, they could have acted more reasonably but let bygones be bygones. What we want is insha'Allah an apology and a payment of indemnity and closing the matter in this wise.

JONATHAN POWER: Well, as far as I can see, relations between Turkey and Israel have gone from good to bad in a very short while.  Don't you think that this is true? 

ADNAN OKTAR: That is a superficial worsening. I mean nothing would come out from that in practice. I mean nothing would happen.  Besides we, as a nation, love Jews. I mean the Turkish people love Jews and feel great compassion for them. And the people of Israel have a profound love and respect for Turkish nation. That is a fact which could be determined if asked [to the related parties]. 

JONATHAN POWER: Well, you sound very modest about it but a lot of people are saying that Israel is becoming isolated because -of course it has the ongoing Palestinian situation, Turkey has taken a distance from Israel after many years of being close to Israel and then in the South, you have the Arab spring with many indications that the popular will is very anti-Israeli and against the major peace agreement that was made at the time of President Jimmy Carter and Enver Sedat.

So Israel, from my perspective, is looking increasingly isolated. How do you see it?

ADNAN OKTAR: Israel might of course have created a rage in the hearts of people. That is because they have shed a lot of blood in Palestine, the blood of many Palestinians have been shed. And they have of course responded with suicide attacks. A mutual tension has formed. As a result of this, a rage could have been formed in some people. However we are in the End Times and we are in a very beautiful period of time, we are in a beautiful time. In the Torah, there is the mentioning of King Messiah who will guide the Jews to salvation, who will be instrumental in enabling the Jewish people live in peace. As you know this is one of the basic beliefs. The King Messiah is an individual that they have been waiting for 3000 years; he is a descendant of David. Messiah, the son of David. They define him as the King of the world.  We call that individual the Mahdi (pbuh). This is the person known as the Mohammed Mahdi in the Islamic belief. The time of the Mahdi has come according to the Torah and according to the hadiths. I mean the time of the King Messiah, known as Shiloh has come and we believe that the King Messiah -that is the Mahdi- is on the earth at this very moment. The Mahdi will put an end to this dissension, this disturbance and Israel and Arabic countries will embrace each other, other countries will embrace each other as well.  Moreover according to the expression used in the Torah, children will play with the snake and the snake will not have an effect on them. The children will play with lions and the lions will not harm them.  We have come to such an age. We will put aside the grudge and rage. If we look at things with grudge and rage, no one can ever be friends with another. For instance, if you look at things with this mentality an American animosity might develop because America had made an enormous bloodbath in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  I mean millions of people have been slaughtered, millions have been martyred. If we look at things with this mentality, we should not forgive America under any circumstances. But that would be very illogical because the American people have no fault in that. Those who are at fault are a handful of administrators. We believe that they are the ones at fault. We evaluate the American people separately. We evaluate the Israeli people separately. Peoples are in general innocent and inoffensive. None of them would support war. People hate wars. A handful of administrators under the influence of satan drag them into the blood, sufferings and pain. There were a very few people who supported Hitler at his time. But with the mass psychology, a significant part of the German people supported Hitler. But now, they are feeling embarrassed because of this. We do not feel an ongoing hatred, rage towards Germans.  We feel anger towards those who are at fault there, we feel rage towards those and we want them to be punished. But we believe that the German people are innocent and immaculate. The events should be evaluated with this mentality. If one does not evaluate things with this mentality, no country could ever be friends with any other country.  Then we would have to feel hatred for Greece, we should hate the Russians as well. We should then hate the Serbians, the Greek, the Arabs; we should hate everyone. That is very very wrong. What happened in the past stays in the past. We are at the time of the King Messiah, we are at the time of the Mahdi(pbuh). By embracing each other with love and compassion and by apologizing from one another, this matter should be closed. Otherwise this world would turn into a living Hell and we will not let that happen.    

JONATHAN POWERS: Very interesting answer. My next question which follows on from that is how can the situation which is now so bad between Israel and the surrounding countries, how can it be improved or is Israel set on a disaster course?

ADNAN OKTAR: Being set on a disaster course is out of question. I mean you are probably saying this in the sense of a war. There will be no war. No Islamic country would have a war with Israel. Such an incident would not happen. And it will not happen anyway. That is because we are in the age of peace. There may be a pressure applied psychologically; I mean they might give an impression that says; "none of us loves you".  And that would be a grave mistake as well because the Israeli people do not have any fault in this. Some certain people among the executives are at fault. Those who are acting are some certain people. They are the ones at fault. Consequently, there will be an environment in which the Israeli people will be embraced, protected and watched over with love and compassion. This shows itself in the system of the Mahdi. At the moment Israel is under the shadow of the system of the Mahdi. I mean she is under the shadow of the King Messiah, Shiloh. For that reason, that is why there are no negative moves in the region if you pay attention and there will never be. It might seem that there will be a crisis but the system of the Mahdi will prevent that from happening. That means the spiritual power of the Mahdi, the wisdom of the Mahdi will deem these incidents impossible with Allah making the Mahdi instrumental in this. You will see that it is impossible.  The people of Israel will go towards better and more beautiful as time passes. But under one condition; they will show their love for the King Messiah, they will completely submit themselves to Allah, they will increase their fear of Allah, they will grow closer to Allah with love; if they love Allah very much, the protection of Allah will be upon them, they will see this. But now the time for the global dominion of Islam has come, what they call the Arab spring is actually the spring of Islam, I mean it is the spring of the system of the Mahdi. They are misstating it by calling it the Arab spring. Actually it would be truer if they had evaluated it as the spring of the system of the Mahdi, the spring of the King Messiah. That is because the Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has stated that such a period will come, this has also been foretold in the hadiths as well and at the moment it is happening exactly as it is foretold with all its details.

JONATHAN POWERS: I'd like to change the subject of my questions to Turkey's relationship with the European Union. People are saying here that the last year Turkey has become much more an independent nation. It is not following what the Americans want, what the Americans have long expected; which is Turkey's allegiance and the other point that is being made that because of the big economic crisis no body in the EU has got time to think about Turkey coming into the Union. It looks like the time table for Turkey to come into the EU has been delayed yet again. What is your opinion about this difficult relationship?

ADNAN OKTAR: The European Union would of course not want to accept Turkey. I mean at least due to economic reasons they would not want to take Turkey inside. However as the leader of the Turkish Islamic Union, the European Union would wholeheartedly want to take Turkey among them. And Turkey would wholeheartedly take the European Union inside the Turkish-Islamic Union as well. America has not fallen out with Turkey in any period and they would never fall out, I mean they would never fall out until the Last Day, there will be no such matter.  Turkey and America are following common policies, I mean they are following policies that are parallel with each other. There had been no such politic conflict up until now; I mean other than some incidents that seem to be very minor, we have not seen any politic conflicts, I mean there is no such incidents in the history. America is generally in a very liberal point of view, I mean it is a country that advocates democracy; I mean that is favorable, positive in that respect. I mean she wants the whole world to be free, she wants the democracy to be stronger; that is good in that respect. And we do understand that America wants the Turkish Islamic Union, I mean we see that America wholeheartedly wants the Unity of Islam, the unity of Muslims.  That is because this is a very serious barrier against terror and anarchy. When the Turkish Islamic Union is formed under the leadership of Turkey, the terror and the anarchy carried out by the radical elements in the world would be stopped fundamentally; I mean this is a known fact. Even those with the weakest mind see that the Turkish Islamic Union is essential and is a necessity, that the Unity of Islam is a certainly a necessity, for at least terror and anarchy to stop and for maintaining the favorable, positive, democratic line of the world.  As far as I see America is supporting this. I mean they are supporting the formation of an Islamic Union but not with such a radical, sanguinary and cruel understanding; they want a Union of Islam with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi,  with the spirit of the Jesus Messiah. I mean they want an Islamic Union in which love, peace, brotherhood, science, democracy and freedom prevails. And that will happen in the near future you will see. 

JONATHAN POWER: Well, my next question is about the Kurds. I was in Diyarbakir four years ago and I talked to a lot of the Kurdish people. Then when I was in Ankara, in Istanbul, I've talked to a lot of government people and professors in universities. And the impression I've got was that the situation with the Kurds, the hostility with the Kurds, all these things were getting better. The government had done quite a few things allowing Kurdish newspapers, allowing Kurdish spoken in the junior schools and then this situation seemed to go backwards. And the situation is getting worse.  I mean the members of the Parliament who have been elected from the Kurdish areas are not being allowed to take their seats in parliament. The conflict now, the military conflict which was so quiet when I was there four years ago, has started up again. What is going on?

ADNAN OKTAR: No there is nothing getting worse. The Kurdish members of the parliament have entered the parliament and took their oaths. They are going on with their normal activities. It is very nice that our Kurdish brothers are free and wealthy. That is something we insistently want, that is something we proudly desire. If they want to speak Kurdish they can speak as ever they like. This is a free country anyway. They can publish Kurdish magazines and newspaper; they can do whatever they like. No one would ever interfere. I mean they can publish those in any other language as well. They can publish papers in English or in French. I mean let Turkey be as free as it could ever be. But what the PKK movement wants is not the Kurdish language. I mean it is not publishing a Kurdish newspaper.  Neither it is the economical welfare of the region. They simply want to establish a communist state in the region. They want to found a big, strong communist state. Including the lands in Syria and Iran, they are after establishing an aggressive, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist state that is pro-China, pro-North Korea,  that has a military power and that wants to import revolutions. And Turkey does not want this; of course we do not want that either. No one would ever let that happen. But what we actually want is to carry on a scientific struggle. I do not believe that a military, political struggle would ever give any results. It would not. It never did before either. They have seen this, for 30 years all the means of the state have been used.  Transfrontier military operations have been carried out as well. All kinds of operations have been carried out. There had been arrests. But these never gave results other than letting PKK develop even further. There is only one thing that has not yet been done. And the most important, most effective method is the scientific, philosophical struggle. That is because standing against the Marxist, Leninist philosophy with brute force will never give results. Results can only be attained against the Marxist, Leninist movement by science, by philosophy, by persuasion and inculcation. This is not being done, as long as this is not done Marxist, Leninist way of thinking will progress. Wherever it is in the world, this is the method to be applied to get results. That is explaining the Existence and Oneness of Allah, explaining the facts of the Qur'an, explaining the scientific invalidity of Darwinism, stating that proteins can only be formed by Allah, explaining the fact that formation of a protein by coincidence is technically, scientifically not possible or explaining the fact that there are 350 million fossils that prove Creation. Along with the explanation of these, the scientific facts should be explained by the state. At the moment the state is officially giving a Darwinist-materialistic education. In this stance, the Marxist thought, Leninist thought, Stalinist thought is able to act comfortably on scientific foundation. Thus they can easily establish their own philosophy upon this invalid fake scientific philosophy. But if the foundation is eradicated, I mean if the foundation of dialectic philosophy, materialistic philosophy is eradicated, -and that is in fact very easy, it can easily be attained with scientific studies- then clear results can be attained. We are striving for this. We are after this. We are trying to persuade the state about this matter. 

JONATHAN POWER: My last question is about the Arab spring. Are you optimistic that the democracy will arrive in these countries; Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria. Are you optimistic?

ADNAN OKTAR: This will happen by means of the system of the Mahdi. We are at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). This is actually not the Arab spring, it is the spring of the system of the Mahdi. All the Islamic countries will unite. After this there will be democracy, freedom, an extraordinary development in science and arts in the full meaning of the word. There will be a development towards perfection in all kinds of beauty and goodness. But this will progress gradually, person by person, section by section. But in the end, it will come to the most perfect line with the system of the Mahdi.

JONATHAN POWERS: Well, those are all my questions. I've very much enjoyed putting them to you and listening to your answers. And I thank you very much for letting me interview you.  

ADNAN OKTAR: I am honored to talk to you. You have asked very beautiful, to the point questions. I am very much pleased, I would very much like to welcome you here in Turkey as well. I would very much like to welcome you as my guest. I am presenting you my respect, love and regards.   

JONATHAN POWERS: Yeah, that is very good. Because I very much want to come to Turkey. And look at what is going on. I would very much like to come and meet you and do an interview for my newspaper.  

ADNAN OKTAR: I've got the message. I'll take the necessary ac


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