Rabbi Avraham Yosef's speech at the joint press conference with Mr. Adnan Oktar (May 12nd, 2011, Istanbul)

RABBI ABRAHAM JOSEPH: I open with a blessing for our hosts Mr. Adnan Oktar, together with his team, that received us with such graciousness. I hope that we will be able to host them in Jerusalem, Israel. King Solomon said a verse that is very, very instructive. "Like water shows the face to the face, so is heart shows man to the man". (Proverbs 27:19) If I wish to love someone, if I wish for someone to love me, the iniative must come from me. Just like if someone comes to look into a spring, and sees his reflection smiling, then it shows that he is smiling. If he sees his reflection angry, it shows that he is angry. As it is between man and man. If it appears to me that my friend is angry, then it must be that I contain some anger at him. If I love him, then surely he will love me. The initiative must come from me. Also, just as I must bend down (prostrate) to see my image in the water – it is not possible to remain standing and see my reflection – also between the heart of man and man, one must bend down (in humility) and show a happy face and to radiate love. In this way, journalists and educators, are required to install in the heart of humanity, love, brotherhood, peace and fellowship.

The Torah of Israel works to instill love and brotherhood, and to distance one from hatred. God selected the Jewish people from among the nations, not just to punish them whenever they sinned before Him, but also to declare the belief in One God, to declare good character, proper behavior, endearing respect, as we have learned as we have been taught "you should love your neighbor as yourself". (Leviticus 19:18)

In every religion there are commandments. The purpose of the commandments are not to degrade the other, rather to connect with God. God has no corporal nature and no body. It is impossible to measure His holiness. In order to connect with something infinite, it is necessary to have good deeds. In every religion, there is the connection it provides with God, that unites all the religions, unites all the worlds, and only through submission to Him in complete servitude, in cooperation between all the nations. Just as an army is made up of many division, the same is true with the religions, each has its difference approaches how to connect with and do good before God... Thank you.



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