Deacon Giries Mansoer's speech at the joint press conference with Mr. Adnan Oktar (May 12nd, 2011, Istanbul)

MR. GRIES MANSOER: First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Giries Mansoer. I am deacon in the Catholic church in Israel. I am the General Manager for all the schools of the Church in Israel. Today I am here to put my voice with our brother Adnan Oktar, to call [for] peace to come in our area. As a Christian man, the foundations for our religions are two things: Love and Peace. And I must tell you that as an Israeli citizen I feel freedom to pray according to the Christian religion. We can build a church. We can pray anytime we want. We can visit any church we want, and as a principle in Rama school, we love together Christians, Muslims and Druze. And my dream to bring to my school also Jewish children. And I tell you that the day will come. We are all brothers, and I want to tell you about that we want international protection for the Christians in Egypt, especially what's happening in the last few days there. And I want all the countries in the Middle East to learn how to protect the Christians like Israeli state [does]. We are not against the Arab countries or Arabians, but I am a citizen in Israel, I have an Israeli passport and I am glad to be a good citizen in this state, but I ask all the leaders in the Middle East to sit around a table and to solve all the problems. One day a student in our school asked me, "who is my brother?" And I told him "your brother is every human being." And I believe that if we start teaching that to the children in the schools about peace, about love, about forgiveness. We must have as our goal for all of us to be equal because all of us are the sons [servants] of God. And our Bible said how many of those people are called the peace maker? Everybody must teach in his home to the children to love, and forgiveness and to give peace for this world. I thank Mr. Oktar for this meeting and I'm ready to be the volunteer of the peace process in this land, in the Middle East between the Christians, Muslims, Jews and Druze. Thank you for this meeting again. 


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