Sayyid Salih Ozcan, one of the genuine followers of Bediuzzaman, explains that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will discharge all of the three duties together.


Presenter:Note that the Master (Bediuzzaman) says; "Great incidents are happening that will set the blessed power within such a devout community in motion and awaken it. Surely a supreme effort in that great power will take action and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will head it and lead it to the truth".

Sayyid Salih Ozcan:He says the truth. Listen to me; supreme movements are happening in Turkey. There are very good developments in Turkey. In the past there were no such incidents. They have now commenced Alhamdulillah. For instance, the construction of those shopping centers etc. These are not the Mahdi but they are the movement related to Hazrat Mahdi (as). This is my conviction. That is how I understand it.

Presenter: Insha'Allah. Then there will be a moment in which those will get in action and in which Hazrat Mahdi (as)  will head it.

Sayyid Salih Ozcan: There will be such a moment, I am of the same conviction. This is my conviction.

Presenter: Masha'Allah. Bediuzzaman says, as you would know better Insha'Allah. "In every age a sort of Mahdi and reviver comes and they did until now. But because every one of them discharged one of the three duties in one aspect, they could not take the name of the Great Mahdi of the End Times."

Sayyid Salih Ozcan: They did not. That is true; everyone has performed the task of the Mahdi in his own age. But meanwhile they did not discharge the three duties. They did not fulfill both the political and sharia tasks. But when the Great Mahdi comes, he will both perform the political aspect and all others. That is, he will discharge all the three duties. This is my conviction.

Presenter: Masha'Allah. So you say that nobody has ever performed them in the past.

Sayyid Salih Ozcan:No they have not.

Presenter:Indeed the Master himself said: "The existence of these three duties all together in one person or in one community in this time," - that is the time Bediuzzaman lived- "its perfectness and their not being hindrance to one another is far in the distance. It is almost impossible."

Sayyid Salih Ozcan:That is true, it has not happened. It did not happen and it will not happen. But when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, all these will come to an end. 

Presenter: Insha'Allah.

Sayyid Salih Ozcan:This is my conviction. This is how I believe.

Presenter: Hazrat Master tells this too.

Sayyid Salih Ozcan:I believe in what the Master says.



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