His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin Bursavi Recommends the Works of Mr. Adnan Oktar Regarding The Subject Matter; Hazrat Mahdi (as)


"When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, are they going to imprison him, put him on trial, beat him or kill him? “

There are numerous hadith about Hazrat Mahdi (as) as well. No one will be able to harm him but that is not for now; not starting from now, that is after his appearance. That point is highly important. There are things that he had experienced in his past, these are different issues and I am telling you this point specifically. Look, I have stated this numerous times before, let people understand what I mean however they like. I don’t fear anyone but Allah. I do not want anything but gaining the approval of Allah.  I do recommend you all the websites of Mr.Adnan Oktar, his internet studies, especially harunyahya especially about the subject matter of Hazrat Mahdi (as) , my brothers do listen to him, I do recommend you that, why do not you understand? This person, this hodja is explaining this subject matter in the best possible way. Almighty Allah has consigned him this task, he has been given that task; that is apparent so that he is explaining it that good and he is doing so continuously.  If it were not a mission assigned to him, one would be fed up.  One would speak about it for a day, for three days, for five days, but then would feel fed up. It is apparent that he has been given a spiritual mission, he has been telling about it for years, for months, for days, he is talking about it every single night for hours. 

Allah makes him talk to remove the spell and magic casted upon you. For that reason listen to him; note that he has a conversation broadcasted on TV on the 3rd of December this year, I have listened to it, my friends made me listen to it. It was on Kocaeli TV  on December 3rd, 2010. That is new, do listen to that and the one after that certainly, do so for the approval of Allah. There are words he has said about the Sheikhs and about the followers. It could only be so perfect. These are important. That means we are going to visit the website of Adnan Oktar, Harun Yahya regarding the subject matter of Hazrat Mahdi(as).  That is to say Almighty Allah has assigned him on that regard. Ask these questions to that person, let him tell you about it. They should not attempt to set us against each other with other congregations; for that reason I am saying this specifically, Adnan Oktar Hodja is indeed the competent of this task. He is on the most beautiful ahl al-sunnah and community creed. Even if you paid someone for it, he could not have talked that much, he wouldn’t labor that much.  That is apparent that he has been assigned by Allah for that task, he is a commissioned person why do you react against him? May Almighty Allah actually deem him Hazrat Mahdi (as) and let us be subjects to him. What is wrong with that? There is no “you or me” claim or a quarrel in between us. Just so that Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears and let us be all his soldiers. Insha’Allah may our Sultan His Highness Sheikh Nazim becomes the Mahdi (as) and we all become subjects to him. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will surely appear, let no one say otherwise.  The time has come, no one knows who he is at the moment. We do have certain things we know and certain things that we see. If we talk about these things we know and see, the world would be shaken. See that I am again coming back to the subject matters of Adnan Oktar . You learn your tenets thoroughly and while learning those tenets because you have been brought up in Darwinism, the theories of Darwin; that materialistic, atheistic and communist thoughts; they have turned the thesis that destroys them, that refutes those ideas and thoughts into books. Read those books, read them so that you will know how to act. If the Dervishes engage only in invocation and thoughts and do not talk about anything else, they cannot become spiritual and ethic guides.  


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