Sayyid Salih Ozcan, one of the genuine followers of Bediuzzaman: ''Great Mahdi will come in the end times Insha'Allah''


PRESENTER: "In this time there are such extraordinary dominant movements that, because they take everything in their account, the real awaited person who will come after a century.. " He means the Mahdi (as). Now, while saying, "the real awaited person"; every century, a reviver comes, "a sort of" Mahdi; not the Great Mahdi but someone who is "a sort of" Mahdi.. That is, they say this now because they consider Bediuzzaman to be "a sort of" Mahdi, right ?

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN: Now there are those who call everyone who [are instrumental] in guiding people to the truth Mahdi but he is not the Great Mahdi. He is the Mahdi of that century, that is what they meant.

PRESENTER:Bediuzzaman was also the Mahdi of his own century, a sort of Mahdi. But the Great Mahdi (as) will come in our time.

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:There is no doubt for that, I believe this. I believe in him and I also believe that the Prophet Jesus (as) will descend from heavens and that he will abide by Hazrat Mahdi (as).

PRESENTER:You also told this previously. "a guide, a kind of Mahdi and reformer comes in every century, but in terms of discharging each of these three duties, none have received the title of THE GREAT MAHDI OF THE END TIMES." (Emirdag Addendum, p. 260)

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:That is very true, that is exactly like this. For instance Imam Rabbani, Imam Ghazali, Halidi Baghdadi. All of these were the Mahdis of their times but they discharged one part of it. They did not discharge the three duties by uniting them; [they did not fulfill] the political aspect and the shari'a aspect. Since they did not fulfill these duties; this means that we are awaiting the Great Mahdi (as). That is what I expect.

PRESENTER: Insha'Allah. May Allah be pleased with you, Master. With the details you provide you enlighten us very much Insha'Allah because they can interpret the Master's statements. Now these are not the type of statements that are open to interpretation. These are very clear statements. Now when you read them..

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:No, they do not interpret them; they give it a different meaning to them: they explain them away, explain them away, not interpretation.. That is why I do not say anything [to them]. May Allah correct them.

PRESENTER:Because Bediuzzaman says that the Risalas are easy to understand..

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:Sure, no doubt.

PRESENTER 2:Master Sayyid Salih. There are also some Nur followers who explain away your memory about the Master telling you, "Kecheli, Kecheli, I will not see Mahdi but you will" as a quip of the Master to our Master Salih and explain it away by saying that what Bediuzzaman actually meant there was, "Mahdi is right in front of you, can't you see?" Is this possible?

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN: I do not know such a thing. Bediuzzaman told to me. "I will not see [HazratMahdi (as)] but you will." I do not say anything them. Whatever explaining away they may make, I have no involvement in them.

PRESENTER 2: The truth is Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear in the End Times.

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:The truth. There is no doubt about it. I have no doubt that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear. I believe that the Prophet Jesus (as) will descend. I believe in it as I believe in my faith. I know it as a truth out of my faith.

PRESENTER 1: The Prophet Jesus (as) will abide by Hazrat Mahdi (as).

SAYYID SALIH OZCAN:He will abide by him. He [The Prophet Jesus (as)] will fulfill his prayer right behind him [Hazrat Mahdi (as)]. 


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