Mr. Adnan Oktar's March 2018 Media Publications

Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles, which appear in prominent international newspapers and magazines, attract a wide readership across the world.

The articles  are published in various countries from Russia to the USA, from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Malaysia, from Spain to Azerbaijan. These articles enlighten millions of readers about scientific, social, political and faith-related issues.

Some of the articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that appeared in March 2018 in the world press are as follows:

Pravda - Russia's oldest internet newspaper – "Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance"

Huffpost Arabic version - one of the prominent liberal news portals of the USA based in London – "Helping is always a good idea – Syrian Refugee Crisis"

The Jerusalem Post – Israel's leading English-language internet newspaper – "The rightful struggle of Turkey: The Afrin operation"

WTX News - London-based media company and news portal – "Helping is always a good idea – Syrian Refugee Crisis"

Geopolitica - one of Russia's leading think-tank website published in 5 languages, which devotes space to expert writers and columnists on international relations, security and struggle against terror -  "The rightful struggle of Turkey: The Afrin operation"

Mshreq News - A Palestinian based news agency providing up-to-the-minute news, both local and regional – “Draw the line on hate crimes” & “Increasing the Number of Prisons Won't Solve the Crime Problem” & “Did cavemen really exist?" & "Status of woman; today and tomorrow"

Egyptian Streets - Egypt’s leading independent English media organization, providing readers with an alternate depiction of events that occur in Egypt and the Middle East – "Is Europe’s Inclination to Irreligiosity Behind the Attacks Toward the Pious?"

E-Police – news portal based in Italy is published with the contributions of the experienced and well-reputed journalists and targets to support the local police force and help them express their role in the society - "What Has Turkey Learned From Terrorism?"

Almada- the independent and leftist Arabic daily newspaper based in Baghdad - "Draw the line on hate crimes" & "Drones set to soar in all fields"

Pakistan Observer - daily English-language newspaper published in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Muzafarabad with the largest visitation of its e-paper – "The expansion of the universe"

The Global Institute for Democracy and Strategic Studies, a think-tank from US – "900,000 Rohingya Refugees: The Moment When Humanitarian Spirit Failed" & "Christians Targeted by Middle East Terrorism" & "Genocide: Hear the Rohingya Cries"

Al Bilad - monthly newspaper in both Arabic and English published in Ontario, Canada - “Draw the line on hate crimes” & “Did cavemen really exist?”

Al Ghad - Jordan's first independent Arabic newspaper- "Why the World has become a more dangerous place for children?"

Az-Zaman – a daily Iraqi newspaper published simultaneously in London, Baghdad and Beirut – "Identity politics: Next generation WMD of global exploitation system" & "Preventable crimes and how to deal with them" & "The rightful struggle of Turkey: The Afrin operation" & "Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance"

Iraq Akhbar – Iraqi news portal – "Draw the line on hate crimes" & "Drones set to soar in all fields"

Sasapost - Arabic language international political news portal based in Belgium has 4 million visitors on monthly basis – "Preventable crimes and how to deal with them" & "Why do African Americans still feel like outsiders in the USA?" & "Goodness is outdoing negativity"

OANA - Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies, which was founded in Thailand in 1961, brings together 44 news agencies from 35 countries and currently operates from Baku. – “Did cavemen really exist?”

Akhbar Al Khaleej - the Arabic newspaper known to be the sister publication of the British Gulf Daily News – "Blossoming Egypt-Turkey Trade Signals the Beginning of a New Era"

Aynal Arab – Yemen's news portal – "Why do African Americans still feel like outsiders in the USA?"

Eurasia Review - the think-tank and  independent publishing organ based in the USA. - "Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance"

Kashmir Reader –The daily newspaper of Jammu and Kashmir of India published in Srinagar, known as the summer capital of the region, which features promiment columnists. – "Religious Sensibility and Spirituality are the Meaningful Solution to Gun Violence" & "Increasing the Number of Prisons Won't Solve the Crime Problem"

India's oldest English daily newspaper, The Pioneer – "Status of woman; today and tomorrow"

Cape Times - a daily English newspaper published in Cape Town, South Africa with a mass circulation – "Acts of kindness are all around us, but don't get the attention bad deeds do"

Bernama - the official portal of the Malaysian National News Agency published in 5 languages, including Malay, English, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish – "The Rohingya Crisis: An International Issue" & “Did cavemen really exist?”

The Mercury - a 165-year old daily national newspaper published in Durban, South Africa – "Look closely, Goodness is outdoing negativity"