What is the place of women in Islam?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 20th, 2018

VTR: Mr. Oktar, does Islam promote humiliating women?

ADNAN OKTAR: The religion of Islam holds women in exceedingly high esteem; the Qur'an presents women as the manifestations of God and the greatest blessing of heaven. However, the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception has been under satan's influence. Those who hold this conception has sought to turn Islam into a religion in line with satan's claims and desires. Since satan is a homosexual, he despises women and wants to make them disappear from social life, to make them cover themselves, to make them invisible and ugly, to humiliate them, to kill them. For example, the said conception orders women to be stoned to death if they are caught committing adultery. An overly jealous man claims that his wife is committing adultery and finds four false witnesses to support his claims, and they took the women away to open desert, dig a hole, bury her in it and stone her all day long until she is martyred. This is an example of the tragedies that entail this conception. Satan seeks to strip women of their feminine qualities and make them masculine and vice versa.  Every devil is a homosexual without exception. Satan seeks to make homosexuals out of men and women; he strives to make women ugly and men feminine. This is why, if you have noticed, in the traditionalist Orthodox literature, they assign a male role to women, in that, they do not want women to pluck their eyebrows or other facial hair, to look more masculine, and prevent them from dying their hair, keeping well-groomed and feminine, and wearing revealing clothes. Because they want women to look masculine. As for the men, they say, "Men are 19 times more enticing then women." In other words, they incline men towards being attracted to other men instead of women. And men who do not find other men attractive think that there must be something wrong with them. Because, why would they be attracted to other men? But they keep on their homosexuality propaganda saying, "It is wrong to feel attracted to women.’ According to Islam, you have to feel 19 times more attracted to men than women. The self desires young boys." This is completely immoral. Why would a man feel attracted to another? How can they advocate such a despicable, loathsome deed? What kind of mentality is this?

When we take a look at the traditionalist Orthodox Islam and the leftist Darwinist conceptions, we see that they regard women as animals, a notion that emerges under satan's orders. He orders Darwinists and traditionalist Orthodox Muslims to present women as animals. Both sides are in agreement about women being animals. And he tells the traditionalist Orthodox Muslims that "Beating women is a form of worship; women should pray day and night for the beatings they receive", and asserts that "Even if they are severely beaten, women should not complain or file a complaint to the court." They do not allow women to complain even if they have a miscarriage due to the beating they received. You can see them saying, "Judges or prosecutors do not have the right to interfere between husband and wife; a husband can beat his wife if he wants to. Men blow off steam by beating women." Women are delicate beings like flowers. What would beating them do to them? It would ruin them, God forbid. They also say, "Hang the beating stick on a high place where women can see it." Such an ill advice is actually a sign of their hatred. This, too, is a ploy of satan. They also say that "Lay bricks in front of your windows, do not let women see the outside." In other words, they want women to have a hellish life and present women as potential prostitutes who are inclined to commit adultery. They also say, "Do the opposite of what women tell you to do." Such a horrible mentality. What is your problem with women? You bury them in the sand and stone them to death, incessantly and severely beat them, do the opposite of what they say. According to traditionalists, "Even if a woman licks her husband's thoroughly filth covered body for hours until it is clean, she still cannot make it up to him for everything he has done for her." Why? "Because her husband brings food to the table," they argue. This is such a terrible abasement and insult.

There is no end to their utterly insulting statements regarding women. For example, they talk about how women are accursed, how they are under satan's sway and order, and claim that 99% of women will go to hell."

YASEMIN AYSE KIRIS: "Do not give them any food or clothes."

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, they say, "Do not give them any food or clothes." Therefore, what does Darwin argue? "Women are creatures that are half human half animal." "So what are they?" he is asked and he replies, "They are slightly better than dogs." Look at how he insults women. Both sides have made an ideological pact. We have and will continue to stop this villainy. Let me see our pretty viewer once again.

GÖRKEM ERDOĞAN: By the way, there is a photograph from the women conference in Saudi Arabia.

ADNAN OKTAR: The women conference held in Saudi Arabia. There is not a single woman in the picture. A conference concerning women has a solely male attendance.

EBRU ALTAN: In fact, here they are debating whether women are human or animal.

ADNAN OKTAR: And the topic of debate in the conference is "Are women human or animals?"

GÖRKEM ERDOĞAN: Another photograph shows headscarfed women sitting on the floor.

ADNAN OKTAR: And they accept such a treatment.

GULEN BATURALP: We can watch the video.

VTR: Mr. Oktar, does Islam promote humiliating women?

ADNAN OKTAR: In the name of Islam, they established a system that flies in the face of the true Islam. This is a system of idolatry and evil. Praised be to God, we have eliminated this system. This is the reason of their desperate struggles; this fierce reaction against us is provoked by satan. Since the British deep state is under satan's influence, they carry out his every bidding by passing down his orders trough their chain of command. In this complex chain, the lackeys of the deep state cannot even realize whose orders they are carrying out. These orders are passed down from one to the other, so they do not directly receive orders from the British deep state. Because of this immense chain of command, the British deep state remains invisible. There is no other system that is more insidious in concealing itself than the British deep state. It has an extremely evil capability to remain hidden from public. Their ability to conceal themselves is on par with that of satan's.


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