What will our life in heaven be like?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 17th, 2018

VTR: Greetings, Mr. Oktar. I am Şevval from Sakarya. What do you think will our life in heaven be like? For example, will there be any sporting activities, will our friends be there with us, or, will we be able to eat anything we like? This is what I wonder about.

ADNAN OKTAR: Heaven is quite similar to our world. But this is a new dream state with a completely different logical pattern. Still, we will find this new logic quite reasonable. In other words, we will not feel any surprise in heaven, just like we do not get surprised at our dreams. Normally, we should say, "How can this happen?", right? We should normally wonder how our heart does not pump any blood. How do we survive without any blood or without a stomach?" We find such things quite illogical. But we will find heaven quite logical, because our logical pattern will completely change. This fact can be realized in the conversations of the people of heaven.  Everyone will find heaven quite normal. No one will feel surprised. Their tone sounds quite calm as well. For example, regarding the fruits of heaven, they say, "We ate similar fruits on earth before." Normally, one would expect them to be extremely excited. There is a sense of tranquility emanating from internalizing the logical pattern of the dream. So, they will take this change with a calm demeanor. The interesting thing is that the people of hell will also be calm. They will engage in a war of words, constantly quarreling with each other. Therefore, a change will occur in the logical pattern, which will be met as normal. The same is sometimes seen in vivid dreams, where people fully accept the new logic in the dream. The same happens in heaven as well. Therefore, we will find heaven as normal and reasonable. It will be similar to this world, with vast plains decorated with houses, gardens, markets and many other facilities where one can do any activity they dream of. They will be able to do anything that they liked to do on this world, but as far as I see, people's favorite activity will be having conversations with each other. In fact, the Qur'an put a specific emphasis on this fact. They will have long, recurring discussions about their past deeds on earth since the subject is quite extensive and there are too many incidents in the history of the world. Among the topics of discussion will be people's altruism, bravery, courage, patience and beautiful moral values. But above all, people will find the most delight loving God. In short, people of heaven will be reasonable, level-headed and coherent individuals. But our status will be superior to that of angels. Every people in heaven will have a superior status than angels. Because angels are bound to their duties, whereas people are going through a training and acquire a clearer consciousness. Angels cannot exercise freewill as they are hardwired to think in a certain way, but people acquire their consciousness through a struggle. Angels lack humanistic virtues such as patience, mercy, compassion, cooperation, bravery, courage, vigilance and perseverance. Angels possess none of these qualities. Because by their nature, angels do not have needs. They do not resist fear or discern the evidence of God's existence. Because they are inherently capable of seeing them. So, they lack freewill.


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