How can infinite love and safety be attained?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 16th, 2018

VTR: Greetings Mr. Oktar. I am Osman from Sakarya. What can be done to create infinite love and atmosphere of safety?

ADNAN OKTAR: We used to be told about the antichrist, and we used to listen to it as if listening to a fairy tale. We used to see the antichrist as a legendary creature. When we talk about him now, people similarly think of it as a formality. The world is really a metaphysical place where negative forces and an entity called antichrist really exist. The Mahdi movement is really waging a struggle against him. This is a fact that must be extensively emphasized. People take it as a fairy tale. No matter how much they are told about it, they think, "These are religious people, so they are supposed to talk about an antichrist and this is what they do. There is also supposed to be a Mahdi (as), so they talk about Mahdi (as)." But this is not the case. Both the antichrist and Mahdi (as) physically exist. And these two forces are really engaged in a struggle, which has resulted in this absence of love. This is a disaster. Many among the youth are strangers to love. Young girls are in a massive search for love, but they cannot meet with people who know true love. And this really upsets them. This is the biggest problem of young girls in the world. This is their greatest suffering; being unable to experience true love. There are wonderful, gorgeous girls who say, "I love my cat, I love my dog, I love my mother." They have devastated these young girls. This is truly horrible.

EBRU ALTAN: They are completely oblivious to true love.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed. This is terrible. A few days ago, a young girl who is a fashion model visited us. She said, "I only love myself. I am alone in this life." There is no such thing as love or being loved in this world." She was sick and tired of people. It is the same with all the girls I have met; every single one of them without exception. I have met with scores of models to date, and all of them said the same thing; "There is no love. People do not really love each other. Men usually just toy with us." I have yet to meet a girl who says, "I have met with so-and-so guy, and he really turned out to be a honest, honorable men." They always complain about how men toy with them and cheated on them. There is something strange about this. When asked about women, men also express a general distrust towards them. This is not strange; this is rather a disaster, a tragedy.


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