Do you think it is right to marry someone out of convenience?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 16th, 2018

VTR: Do you think it is right to marry someone out of convenience?

ADNAN OKTAR: Almost 99.99 percent of all marriages are marriages of convenience. Even the 99.99 percent of all supposedly loving marriages, too, are convenience marriages. These marriages are more like small incorporated or limited partnership companies centered on making ends meet. Many people consider marriage as institutions of cooperation established by the families of both parties. In other words, the spouses are expected to take of the family when one becomes sick. Both families will benefit from each other's material and spiritual means. All income will be gathered in one mutual pool for later use. The wife will cook meals for the rest of the family. The elders will be taken care of by family members. It is an immense system of solidarity and means, a mutually beneficial system or, let's say, other similar things. I would use a different language, but it would sound a little harsh. Young girls are left alone in life. These children have a constant fear of starvation, being murdered or left without anyone they can trust. They found the idea of "What will become of me if I am left all alone on the street without any one to take care of me?" truly terrifies them. This is why they seek refuge in a man. They sign the marriage contract. They tell each other how much they love each other and cannot do without them, thus cementing their marriage. Whereas, they do not really mean these words as they do not really feel so. But knowing that saying these words will solidify their relationship, they pretend to be a couple that is deeply in love. Having a small chat with them actually reveals their true feelings for each other, although they would never outright admit to it. No one would admit to such a thing. They would deny it and try to explain how they are madly in love with and crazy for each other. But they are simply lying. First of all, this established social systems needs to be rectified. If the guardianship system was in place, women would not live such terrifying lives. I do not refer to all of them, but the majority of women live in terrible fear. Almost all families force their daughters to find someone to marry before they barely turn 18. And the only quality these families look for in a husband is their wealth. They do not look for anything else. Even if the man drinks alcohol or is hard to get along with, it does not matter. They consent to marriage so long as the man is rich. Almost all young girls face such imposition. It is really a pity and truly horrifying. I do not mean all marriages are like this, but it is true for some of them.


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