Who inspired Rumi?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 19th, 2018

VTR: Who inspired Rumi?


Who inspired Rumi? He was under the sway of Hulagu. He obeyed Hulagu's every word and had earned his appreciation. In fact, Hulagu made Rumism the compulsory order all across Anatolia. He dissolved all religious sects such as Naqshbandiyah and the Qadiri orders and made Rumism order the sole authority. Hulagu and Rumi were very close. Hulagu is a dajjal who martyred 3 million Muslims. Rumi was his favorite person. Of course, this is what we learn from historical records; I do not know what sort of person Rumi actually was. Hulagu first conquered Azerbaijan, followed by Iran and Baghdad. He martyred 1 million people in Baghdad. Ibn Haldun writes that 1,600,000 people were murdered in Baghdad. Rivers ran red with people's blood at the time. Following the capture of Baghdad, he sent a summons to the caliph and proposed him "Let us betroth your son to my daughter, and I will spare Muslims' lives and possessions." Believing in his words, the caliph accepted Hulagu's summons and came to visit him with his family and scholars. But being the treacherous man he is, Hulagu martyred all of them. He had towers as tall as 70 meters out of the piles of the skulls of martyrs. Hulagu was such a vicious dajjal, yet still maintained a good relation with Rumi.


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