How does one attain the enthusiasm to earn God's approval?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 19th, 2018

VTR: How can one summon up the enthusiasm to earn God's approval? We are avid viewers of A9 TV.

ADNAN OKTAR: What a handsome young man. His eyes and eyebrows are gorgeous, masha'Allah. May God grant you a long life. May He watch over you. May He reward you with His heaven. May He bring us together as brothers in heaven. The important thing is that one leaves his thoughts to their natural flow, and not to overthink and struggle with his natural disposition. Nothing else. By doing so, one immediately will discern the signs of God's existence. Paying too much attention to people who deny God's existence, or people who write books on denial of God, or those who do not perform prayers, and others as such would pollute and cloud one's mind. For a person with a free and open mind, God's existence is obviously and undeniably clear. Just imagine, it is pitch-dark out there. Whereas it is brightly illuminated inside our brains. What does this mean? It is pitch dark outside our minds; light, colors, sounds, none of them exist. Look at the world within the mind. Realizing this fact will be enough. Computers, houses, ornaments, other people... That being said, can God, with His infinite wisdom, be trusted? He knows about everything, even atoms, down to how many times they completed a full orbit. God knows about how many full orbits every single atom has completed since 15 billion years ago, and about their orbital paths. Imagine how powerful such intelligence must be. Try to imagine the number of atoms in the universe that has been around for 15 billion years. God knows about every movement of atoms, electrons, protons and about every single detail about their locations and orbital details. All of these are predetermined in destiny and God is an All-Knowing mind. And some people, with their feebly limited intelligence, still doubt such a great intelligence. They still wonder if they should trust Him, which is infuriating to those who hear it. How can you compare your mind to that of God’s? Who are you to engage in an argument about trusting God's intelligence? Consequently, believers put complete trust and faith in God. When that is the case, they focus all their attention on God. Is there anything else to focus on in this situation? What else can a person who reached such a state of mind possibly focus on? Such a person will not be in a state to be concerned about money, business, relatives or other similar trivial issues. He can only focus on one thing: God but nothing else or no one else. This is what a person with a clear and reasonable conscience would do. And this is what God wants.

Even in a 3 cm square area of human body is inhabited by over 20 million microorganisms. God knows everything about them; their vacuole, mitochondria. All these details are predetermined. Failing to realize such great intelligence can only mean that there is something seriously wrong about that person. The person who realizes this amazing fact will fully dedicate his mind, his soul, and his heart to God if he is sincere. He could not act otherwise.


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