Are those who commit suicide condemned to hell forever?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 22nd, 2018

VTR: Are those who commit suicide condemned to hell forever?

ADNAN OKTAR: God forbid, if the suicide is committed in a state of frenzy, they are not. Because when people are in a state of frenzy, they are effectively dead; their consciousness shuts down and they are not aware of their actions. When that is the case, they are not condemned to hell. They are judged on the deeds up to that point. They are not held accountable for their frenzied actions. Besides, committing suicide is not something that would be done with a level head, my God forbid. It is not something one would consciously do. Usually they are unconscious, that is, satan possesses their bodies and take control of their consciousness, thus driving them to suicide. In such cases, support of friends is vital. Suicidal tendencies brought upon by satan's increasing influence are noticeable. When this is noticed by the person's family and friends, they can take the person for a holiday etc. They can plan something to help soothe the person. But the most important of all is to educate the person on faith and the Qur'an, to tell him about the fear of God and the hereafter. Almost 99.99% of all suicides are committed in a state of frenzy. And the actions carried out in the state of frenzy are not punishable by hell. For it to be so, one must be doing it with an open consciousness, in a willful defiance of God, may God forbid.



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