In Their Warped Minds, Hypocrites Claim to Be More Pious Then Muslims

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 17th, 2017

Adnan Oktar: Hypocrisy is a vital issue. And so is the issue of those with sickness in their hearts. It has such a fine line... For example, Muslims preach about and live Islam; and hypocrites come out pretending to be more pious and devout than Muslims. But they are still hypocrites. The Prophet (saas) says: "We will go to battle with the first light of the morning. Women and children are suffering terrible oppression. We will save them." A man comes out and says: "Muhammad (saas) said all these but there are things he fails to take into consideration. He disregards how hot the weather is or whether the men are capable of fighting. [We hold the Prophet (saas) above such thoughts] he fails to think of these things." What implications do these claims carry? First of all, by claiming so the man is rejecting the Prophet's (saas) prophethood and that he is imam. And he believes that he is smarter than the Prophet (saas). At another time, a revelation is sent down to our Prophet and a hypocrite says, "Why did God do it this way? Should He not have postponed it? Would it not be better if He did it differently?" The Jews had priorly displayed a similar attitude, criticizing God and the Prophet. Hypocrites share the same mentality. But their criticism has a fairly persuasive effect on the less intelligent. They speak in an eloquent way, so their words often prove convincing to the common people. For example, a hypocrite complains: "Look at how the booty is split. Do you believe that this is fair? How much have you been given?" The other man replies, "This much." He says in return, "I, too, have been given a small amount. Yet, the newcomers were given too much money from the share. Do you see anything fair about this?" "I do not," answers the other. The hypocrite continues, "He might be the Prophet (saas) of God, but God made a mistake by choosing him as His Prophet [We hold God and the Prophet (saas) above such thoughts]. He would have made a more accurate decision if He had chosen His Prophet from among the rich folks of Mecca or Medina. What is the point in making 'him' the Prophet?" Thus he convinces the fools. "Think about it, there are indeed wealthy people in Medina who owns many caravans, houses among many other means; if one among them was the prophet, Muslims would also benefit from his wealth. Hazrat Muhammad (saas) has been chosen as the Prophet, yet he is not wealthy. There has been a mistake here," says the hypocrite. Here, he not only criticizes the Prophet (saas) but God as well, while doing it very casually. He is oblivious to the fact that haughtily defying the Prophet and giving advice to God is a typical idolater behavior. In fact, he is not so much oblivious as nonchalant, unconcerned about the consequences. This is why such people continue with such attitude until they pass into the hereafter. One would think that they will bitterly regret their decisions in the hereafter and ask the Lord to forgive their terrible mistakes. But this is not what they will do. Instead, they will say, "Does the spell persist in here as well? What kind of system is this that allows you to enthrall our minds and make us see these visions?" As you see, their impertinence lingers into the hereafter: "Ask your God to give us some of what He has given you as provision." They gloat over the food the believers have been given.

During the Tabouk Expedition, a group from among the hypocrites says, "One should not go out to fight in the heat." The Prophet calls people to fight but the hypocrites refuse. What measures can be taken against them? The answer is obvious. They appeal to our Prophet (saas) and ask his permission to not take part in the expedition. Our Prophet (saas) gives permission for some 80 people among them. Thus, they do not join the expedition and stay behind instead. Notice that they ask for his permission. What would happen if our Prophet (saas) did not give them permission? The hypocrites still would say, "We are not going." They only ask for permission as a matter of formality. Some people misjudge the circumstances here. Our Prophet (saas) only gives them permission to stay behind so that they do not cause any mischief and openly declare their disobedience.  Otherwise, if the Prophet (saas) said, "How can you ask this? You will participate," the hypocrites would equivocate, saying: "I changed my mind, let's go." So our Prophet (saas) pretends not to understand their intention.  This is why he gives them permission. What can one do against a disobedient person?

In the 9th anniversary of Hijrah [The Migration], hypocrites sent a letter to the Roman Emperor Heraclius, in other words, the dajjal movement, the British deep state of the time. They wrote: "The man who claimed prophethood has died." The Romans have already heard the news of it. I am saying "He died" just to provoke them. "And Muslims are going through a period of famine and poverty. If you seek to convert to them to your religion of idolatry, now is your chance." As you know, the Romans were idolaters back than. Upon this, an army of 40,000, armed by the Byzantine, was deployed against the Muslims. Hypocrites' villainy knows no bounds. Even when doing this, hypocrites claim, "We have the best interest of Muslims in our mind when we did this." When they were asked, "How is this for the best interest of Muslims?” they reply, "When the Roman army arrives, you will be saved from hunger, tribulations and wars. The goal is to save you. We are doing this for the greater good." Hypocrites' nonsense has no end to it. 


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