Hypocrites serve Muslims as Satans in Disguise

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 23rd, 2017

VTR: Can satan alter appearance?


ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, it can take human form. It sometimes walks among people without them realizing it. This is how hypocrites operate; they join among Muslims and serve them for many years as satans in disguise until eventually revealing their true form that is satan. God granted the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) the ability to control them. They can be kept under control if God permits. For example, during the Hazrat Mahdi (as) era, hypocrites will be completely hamstrung, at the time of the reign of Islam. When will hypocrites be effective? According to the hadiths, they will be effective during the early stages of the Mahdi's advent. But they will become inept in the later stages. Hypocrites can infiltrate Muslim communities, but not without going unnoticed; their slightly thuggish persona exudes a distinguishable evil aura. In time, they start to express their true evil personality, revealing the satan lying dormant within. But, satan cannot do anything unless it is preordained. In other words, the extent of his attacks cannot go beyond his destiny. The same is also true for hypocrites; they think they can act freely, that they are not bound by destiny. This is what all hypocrites believe, that they have endless freedom. No hypocrite thinks that their hypocritical actions are in accordance with what is in their destiny. They believe they can freely attack Islam and Muslims. But their attacks only serve to consolidate the solidarity among believers and fill them with vigor, enthusiasm, excitement and elation. Since Muslims counter hypocrites' attacks by means of the Qur'an, Islam, wisdom and faith, they are bestowed with renewed enthusiasm, excitement and perspective. This is what also happened in the time of our Prophet (saas); Muslims had been fairly more reserved before the activities of hypocrites intensified. Seeing hypocrites made them more enthusiastic, inspiring in them a greater loyalty to our Prophet (saas) while boosting their vigilance and will to struggle. Compared to their previously complacent demeanor, Muslims became much wiser, much more daring and efficient in their efforts. Referring to hypocrites, God says in the 14th verse of Surah at-Tawba: "Fight them! Allah will punish them at your hands..." In other words, God commands believers to remind hypocrites how despicable they are so that they suffer the torment within their hearts and chests. "...and disgrace them..." God command believers to despise and humiliate hypocrites.  "...and give you victory over them..." Believers ultimately prevail against hypocrites, which is very meaningful. God guarantees believers a decisive victory over the hypocrites. "...and heal the hearts of those who believe." In other words, God says that humiliating and disgracing hypocrites heal believers both physically and spiritually. By doing so, they become healthier, more energetic and stronger. As for the hypocrites, the verse points out that being disgraced and suffering humiliation leads to their spiritual, physical and mental collapse. This is a fact that is indicated in the Qur'an.



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