Our President devoted his life for the entire Islamic community

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 17th, 2017

Adnan Oktar: Every speech our President makes is wonderful and erudite, befitting of a Muslim. He never resorts to demagoguery or empty political rhetoric. He addresses vital issues briefly and to the point, in a perfectly reasonable fashion. Perfect. His every speech can be made into a book. He speaks wonderfully. Some religious groups forget the fact that it was Mr. Erdoğan who saved them and treat him unjustly and with disloyalty. They were unable to even go outside before.  Do not make me say things I do not want to. It is thanks to that person that you are able to say "I am a Muslim" without worrying. He ventured myriad troubles, endured terrible insults and survived many assassination attempts. He bravely, valiantly did all these for the sake of Muslims' peace and comfort. Does he strive only for Turkey? No, he risks his life for the entire Islamic community. Certain indolent Muslims and religious groups are being ungrateful and treacherous. They have turned on Mr. Erdoğan. If you have a better alternative, tell us about it. But they do not have one either. So what do you want? Are you looking for trouble? Offer an alternative. But they do not have one. What is the problem then? It would take hours to list the benefits and means he has provided to Muslims. Why are you being ungrateful? The excuse they offer is "He is not like us." They all offer the same excuse. How can he accommodate everyone's demands?  Moreover, why would he have to? Mr. Erdoğan says: "I am a Muslim, praised be God's name. I abide by the Qur'an. I am a Muslim of the Qur'an. I do not identify with any religious denominations. All Muslims are brothers and sisters." This is what a Muslim should say. And what do these people say: "I only approve those who are from my own religious denomination and reject those who are not." What they do is a typical, downright dajjal behavior. They are trying to incite dissent among Muslims and pit them against each other. When God sends such an opportunity, what one should do is to take advantage of it. Almost the entire Islamic geography is plagued with tumult, hardships, fear and misery. Muslims try to continue their lives under a hail of bullets and bombardments. They fall martyr, suffer injuries and disabilities. And Mr. Erdoğan is vigorously striving to save them.

Before Mr. Erdoğan, women who wear headscarves could not even walk among the public also in Turkey. But now they are able to wear it around with pride. How great. Women with headscarves can now work as police officers or state officials. In the past, it was impossible to even imagine it. Now, men with long beards can enter military buildings as they please. Right? Muslims are now more comfortable than ever. It is thanks to the contributions of Mr. Erdoğan. He loudly recites the Qur'an with a touching voice at the houses of our martyred soldiers. It was impossible to even imagine it. God has granted Muslims a great blessing. What more do they want? They connive with the passive, submissive, wretched minions of the British deep state. They too are cowardly wimps who express their opposition with their tails between their legs. They do not boldly come out and express it in a manner befitting of a Muslim. They do it insidiously. This is a vile, remorseless, ungrateful, perfidious, disastrous, unlawful attitude. It is not something a Muslim would do. Mr. Erdoğan devoted his entire youth to serving Islam and the Qur'an. I cannot even begin to describe the impertinent, tactless excuses these people come up with. Some say: "He shakes the hands of women, I will not vote for him.” Look at their impertinent excuse. The President of Turkey is making an official visit to a foreign country and the president of said country extends her hand; what do you expect him to do, refuse the handshake? Such an impertinent mentality. When we ask these people to offer an alternative they say they do not have any. So it means that they are looking for trouble. This is unacceptable. In my opinion, it is a religious duty of Hazrat Muhammad's (saas) entire Ummah to fully support Mr. Erdoğan. There is no point in dragging out the issue. They should either offer an alternative or support the one we have. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Being unfair, ungrateful, treacherous are horrifying behaviors no matter who displays them. People are free to vote for other political parties for various reasons. I only ask them to support him personally. There is an ongoing conflict with the British deep state. Mr. Erdoğan is in a leader position for Muslims. He is the leader of the Muslim nation. In other words, he is the Authority over the believers. He is Ul al- Amr [those who have authority]. Obeying those in authority is a religious obligation. So, why are you dragging out the issue? They can check all the hadith books. Obeying those who have authority is a religious duty. Does he perform prayers? He does. Does he fast? He does. Does he give alms? He does. Does he go on pilgrimage to Mecca? He does. Does he recite the Shahādah? He does. What does he fail at doing? Nothing. He is a perfect believer. Does he ceaselessly serve for the benefit of the Qur'an and Islam? He does. So what is your problem? What more do you want? They are merely being envious. Otherwise, they have no excuse.

I would like to say that I respect those who vote for other parties.  It is normal. People can vote for MHP or CHP. But in my personal opinion, it is unlawful not to support Mr. Erdoğan's person. And it is a religious duty to support him. Obeying those who have authority is a religious duty; there is no doubt about it. The Islamic community is obviously without a leader. So he wants to help the Islamic community as best as he can. He also holds the admiration and respect of Islamic countries. One can tell from their discourse that in some way, they consider Mr. Erdoğan as the leader of Islamic community. So, why do you not support him too? I respect the political party you root for. But do not strive and speak against his person out of envy. The members of FETO envied him. They say: "We have been serving Islam for the last 40 years.” But, what did they actually do? They became the servants of the British deep state. There is no point in feigning ignorance about this issue. It would be unlawful as well as despicable to do so. Certain religious sects and their members who express opposition should check out the meaning of ungratefulness and treachery. I do not accuse them of being ungrateful or traitorous. I just ask them to check their meanings. They should check out the meanings of perfidy, treachery, backstabbing in reference to the commandments of the Qur'an. I have nothing else to tell them. I do not cast any accusations. I just ask them to take a look at how these characteristics are judged, and then think about what is it that they do.

Kartal Göktan: We can listen to President Erdoğan’s talk today.

Tayyip Erdoğan: If it is smokes that are rising from the ancient Islamic towns instead of the sounds of prayer, it is partially due to the lack of foresight on Muslims' part. If the Islamic world was not in such a state of disunity, God is willing, no power could do harm to Muslims' Sacred Sanctuary. If believers stick to one another just like the bricks that make up a wall, as our Prophet (saas) told, no one will dare take on a community that is billions strong.

Adnan Oktar: There is nothing more to say if people still choose to not support such a person. May God grant them foresight and perspective. What more can I say?

I have noted before that this Islamic Unity is a vital issue that should be emphasized again and again. I advised Mr. Erdoğan to state this 313 times. On the 314th time, it will surely come. He can trust me in this. 314th time will surely come, insha'Allah. Keep on!


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