How do we find true love?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 18th, 2018

VTR: How do we find true love?

ADNAN OKTAR: One can find true love only by making God his only goal, by being determined in thinking in favor of God at all times. People usually tend to think otherwise. This is a terrible affliction that is widely overlooked. Every action made in a bad temper, every erratic and abnormal behavior stems from not thinking in favor of God. If you see a person with a sullen face, know that the person is not thinking in favor of God. When you see a person acting distressful, jealously, impertinently or grouchily, it is only because they are not thinking in favor of God. A person who thinks in favor of God would never act in such manners. Both love and passion are heavenly blessings that are unique to people who harbor a profound love for God. When that is the case, the gates of love become wide open, through which love will flood in. The female spirit is very receptive of such profound love. When you unleash the torrents of love towards God, it floods into the woman's soul and the woman's love also floods into your soul. But once the love of God is shut, those gates will also be shut. If you doubt God, the gates of love will shut down.  When that is the case, the man starts to find the women repulsive, and vice versa. God turns that love into a disaster. One should definitely have genuine love of God for the passion and profundity to emerge.