Hypocrites adduce the Qur'an as evidence in their efforts in impeding the advent of Islam

ADNAN OKTAR: There are many hadiths narrated from our Prophet (saas) on the hypocrites’ attempts to use the Qur'an against our Prophet (saas). The hypocrites of the time were a rabble who would claim that our Prophet (saas) was lacking in conscience, incapable of protecting Muslims, always acted in self-interest and was extremely fond of women (we hold our Prophet above such thoughts), whereas they themselves had emerged to watch over Muslims and would not care much about women. They resorted to such a vile behavior solely out of their envy at our Prophet's (saas) strength, youthfulness, vigor and wealth. All 300 of the hypocrite group were homosexuals. They were an army of cutthroats. They amassed weapons inside the Dirar Mosque with the intent to martyr our Prophet (saas). The cowards were aware of the fact that they were not strong enough to individually take on the Prophet (saas), so they planned to attack altogether. They did not believe that a single person could do it. Our Prophet says, "Hypocrites will have such followers that a person among you will find themselves lacking in performing prayers..." In other words, hypocrites perform prayers much more frequently than believers. "...and observing their fasting less compared to them." Hypocrites present themselves to be exceedingly meticulous about their religious duties. They resort to such a trickery only to make Muslims look weak and less religious, not due to their devoutness. They do so only on the outside, as mere public display. They never perform prayers when they are in private. But when in public, they appear to be very pious. This is what our Prophet (saas) pointed out. Ahmad ibn Hanbal narrates in the Musnad another hadith of our Prophet (saas); "The Messenger of God decreed, 'I am afraid that hypocrites will master the Qur'an so that they can dispute Muslims.'" Our Prophet (saas) says that hypocrites use the Qur'an just to dispute believers. "Hypocrites master the Qur'an," says our Prophet (saas), "and use their knowledge of the Qur'an against the scholars." Look, our Prophet says, "Hypocrites master the Qur'an, and use their knowledge of the Qur'an against the scholars." (Ramuz al-Ahadith, p.12) The Messenger of God says, "My greatest fear about my Ummah is the hypocrites’ use of the Qur'an in their struggle." Indeed today, we come across hypocrites, who normally would not utter a single word about the Qur'an, come forth with the Qur'an. But they foolishly and selfishly offer the Qur'an as evidence against Muslims in the most irrelevant situations and manners, presuming that by doing so they could impede the advent of Islam and Muslims. For example, hypocrites would not allow women inside the Dirar Mosque. "O the Messenger of God, we are so meticulous about the religion that we do not allow women in here," they would claim, whereas in truth, they were all homosexuals. They basically turned the place into a homosexual club. Unaware of their true intentions, the Messenger of God (saas) told them that he would visit the Mosque to perform prayers. But then Gabriel (pbuh) appeared to him and warned him, "That place is crawling with traitors, it is the fortress of hypocrites. God has commanded you to raze it to the ground." Our Prophet (saas) immediately summoned the Companions, including the strong and robust Abu Dasmah . At midnight, they grabbed their torches and with immense enthusiasm, they proceeded to set entirety of the vast mosque on fire, burning it down to the ground. They tore down any remaining part of the building that had survived the fire.




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