We have and will Continue to support Tayyip Erdoğan to Death

From The Broadcast Dated February 2nd, 2018

Adnan Oktar: I love Mr. Erdoğan with heart and soul. He is an honest man. I have expressed my unwavering support for him since the very beginning. And I would never speak or let anyone speak against him. I am very strict about this issue and he is a person whom I painstakingly defend. I would defend him with my very own life. Those who know me know this is true.

Gülen Baturalp: You defended him even in the times of great tribulations such as the Gezi incidents.

Adnan Oktar: Yes. I have always defended him, by putting my life on the line. Always. I have shown him nothing but full support both during the coup attempt of July 15th and the Gezi incidents. Mr. Erdoğan is one of us. He is our brother and dear friend. He is a pure, pious believer. It would be unlawful to speak against him. It is unlawful and a sin to slander a Muslim. A Muslim cannot do that. No one can do that. I, for one, would never do so. I would neither talk nor let others talk unjustly against a Muslim, except for due and just criticism. Numerous groups have been conspiring for months to drive a wedge between Mr. Erdoğan and I. But their efforts are in total vein. Because I closely watch the schemes of the British deep state. And I see how they plot against Mr. Erdoğan. He is our brother, our friend in cause. It is Muslims religious duty to obey those in rule. It is unlawful to defy, to cause mischief against, to slander them.  This is not something a Muslim can do. They should abandon such discourse. This will never happen. Since he is the ruler of Muslims, it is a religious duty for Muslims to obey and follow him, as the Qur'an clearly states that. There is no point in dragging out the issue. It is unlawful to cause mischief and slander to the detriment of Muslims. What I say on TV should be taken basis. I do not speak differently when I am not on TV. Your efforts for causing mischief are in vein. Mr. Erdoğan is a fellow believer whom I love dearly. I have been supporting him since his younger years. I gave him my wholehearted support and devoted great effort since he was mayor, may God be praised. We have also contributed considerable effort in Mr. Erbakan's election as the Prime Minister. The BBP members would know about it. In fact, the late Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu said at the time that voluntary agencies and non-governmental organizations had asked for their support in forming the government. Guess who was the one asking for support, which resulted in the formation of the government. I have always defended and watched over the Muslims and believers. Normally I am not the kind of person who speaks about it, but they are making me tell about it. Otherwise I would never express these verbally. We will always support Mr. Erdoğan at all times and in all occasions. You can try as hard as you want. During the Gezi incidents, I have expressed my loud and strong support. I moved heaven and the earth both in Europe and at home during the Gezi incidents, day and night. In fact, our broadcast was cut off, but I kept on air over the internet. They cut off my satellite broadcast during the coup attempt. I sent thousands of e-mails to all the newspapers about how the attempt was illegal and the government was legitimate and rightful. And we quelled the uproar. Again in July 15th, when the soldiers had just blocked the bridge, I began expressing our opposition to the coup and stated that the coup was illegal and that people should stand against it. I urged people to take to the streets in protest of the coup. I urged the parliament members to go to the parliament building. I called Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, the commanders-in-chief and Mr. Erdoğan to issue statements. I said that the coup was illegal and would be put down before long, that it would prove ineffective. People were in a state of shock and everyone was keeping their silence. In my first tweet after the coup broke out stated, "Democratic, legitimate government is the rightful one. Sedition is worse than murder. Our army is rational; every problem can be solved through democracy." Look at the time of my tweet; it says '11:54 PM'.

Gülen Baturalp: There are footages of your speeches from that night, Mr. Oktar. You remained on air until morning.

Adnan Oktar: Play it, please.


Adnan Oktar: The current government is the rightful one. Resorting to military coup is a mistake. It should not be attempted. We constitute a whole with our military, our people and our policemen. We never allow separation, division or disorder.

Bülent Sezgin: The official website of the Office of Commander-in-Chief made a statement, Mr. Oktar, saying that the army had seized power.

Adnan Oktar: If that statement had been true, the Commander-in-Chief would personally have come out and made the statement. He would not have it announced over the internet. The reasonable explanation here is that someone hacked into their website and posted the statement. As far as I see, it is the work of a group who took over the TRT, but still it was an event that was without precedent in history. This is not how coups are normally carried out. Because, when we turned on the TRT channel, we came across a newscaster. This is extraordinary. She is not a government official or anything. It would be better if Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu or the members of his party made another statement. It would also be better if Mr. Bahçeli and the prominent figures of his party made another statement. The BBP should definitely issue a statement as a group. This is crucial. It would be better if the Felicity Party [SP] did so as well. If possible, it would be better if the parliament assembled despite the late hour. Right? They should assemble and issue a statement on behalf of our nation. We will never hand our homeland over to the treacherous British deep state. The British deep state can carry out all the schemes they wish. We will never let them. We will never allow any harm to come to our army and the police, nor will we let them divide Turkey. We will never let them be successful in their schemes and make the PKK happy. The army's place is its barracks, or the front lines against the PKK. No harm will come to this country, to this nation. This country, this nation has a duty. Sedition should not be obeyed. One does not obey any order along the lines of attacking the police forces. Doing so is unlawful. I call on the army to return to the South Eastern Turkey to fight against the PKK. Do not do this. This would be a grave mistake. You will never be able to bring this nation down. These are our soldiers, our police, our spec-ops, our nation; they are all our brave people. This nation is ours, this government is ours, this country is ours. The General of the First Army reportedly issued a statement, saying that the coup was attempted by a small insurgent group within the Turkish Armed Forces. It would be better if the Generals of the air, land and sea forces issued a statement as well. As for the soldiers on the streets; I call people to treat them amicably when capturing them. This is how they should be treated. Because they are merely 20-year-old young boys. There is no need to act in anger. This is the first time in Turkey that the call to prayer and sala are recited for hours, masha'Allah. The hafiz and muezzins should rest and continue to recite prayer at frequent intervals. But mind you that our speech helped people recover from the initial shock. Masha'Allah, because there was an initial shock. But, praised be God, after our first statement came a blessing, a felicity from God. Immediately after that, Mr. Erdoğan issued a statement along with other people. And the shock quickly dissipated. We should stand united as one nation. CHP, MHP, AKP should stand shoulder to shoulder. The coup has been a grave mistake. Opening fire upon people from helicopters is a terrible, terrible sin. Those helicopters were purchased to be used in the struggle against the PKK. I just mentioned a hadith from our Prophet (saas) yesterday, which foretold the dajjal's attack on Turkey. We stepped on the tail of the British deep state, so they went mad with fury.  Bring it on, do your worst if you wish. The army is our army. We amiably embraced our brave soldiers and now we are sending them back to their barracks. These are our sons. We should support our government in Istanbul, in Ankara, in every city. We should protect our people our army, our police. The young soldiers on the first bridge are completely oblivious. An announcement by the army would solve the issue. They do not know why they are there. They better return to their barracks. Also, the army would not open fire upon his people. It is unbelievable. There is something peculiar about this. There might be provocateur agents among the soldiers. If those idealists, Alperens, AK party youth, Saadet party youth and CHP youth marched on the streets, it would be very good if they join together. They should rest until evening, and after then we will stand guard together until the sunrise.


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