Some Examples of Adnan Oktar’s Activities with Worldwide Impact

ADNAN OKTAR: The good thing about me is that I have eliminated Darwinism through scientific evidence. This is great. This is an unprecedented achievement. I am the only person to accomplish this in the Islamic world. My friends and I are the only people in the Islamic world who have taken a clear stand against homosexuality. There are no others, save my friends and I, who unmask the British deep state. I am the only person who points out to the wrong aspects of the Mawlaw'iyya. Almost no one does so other than me. Completely devoting one's life and means to the Way of God, ceaselessly serving and striving for Islam is a quality my friends and I possess. Expecting the coming of Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and Mahdi (as) with passion and enthusiasm is something only my friends and I do. No one throughout the entire Islamic history has ever laid such emphasis on the hadiths regarding Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and Mahdi (as) with such extensive supporting evidence as we do. Only we do so. There are no others in the Islamic community but my friends and I who tell about the inevitability of and advocate the Islamic Unity despite pessimistic statements such as "Will the Islamic Unity ever be established? Would God allow it?"  There is no other group that holds women in such high esteem. There is no other group around the world who extols women and regards them as the sweetest, most beautiful beings in the world. We are the only group who expose the predicaments of the traditionalist Orthodox system with the help of the verses of the Qur'an and demonstrate the contradictions in an undeniable way. For example, no one has ever pointed out the contradiction in the hadith regarding the headscarf for centuries. It has not been addressed for almost a millennium. We’ve been the first to do so. There is a flagrant contradiction in the hadith. My friends and I were the first to advice believers to always stand firmly by the Qur'an. We’ve been the only group to herald that Islam will prevail in the world. We are the only group to preach Islam in places where no other communities, sects, groups could reach. We are the only people who could preach Islam in mason lodges, Templar guilds, Pentagon, beaches, night clubs and other places of entertainment, and high society. It was our efforts that proved the most effective in bringing Muslims out from ghettos and helping them gain a broader world view. Preaching Islam and the Qur'an without featuring any ads on television or asking for royalties from books is a quality peculiar to my friends and I. My friends and I are the only people who pointed out to the unlawfulness of preaching in return for financial gain. We are the only people who have shown that music, dancing and revealing cloths do not contradict with Islam. Other than us, there is a huge gap. Some say, "Anyone who are involved in music, dancing and reveling cloths are deviators and I have nothing to do with such people," which creates a huge divide. But we have closed that divide. I was the only one to demonstrate the religious personality of Atatürk with supporting documents. Likewise, I was the only person who inspired the love of Atatürk in the youth, intellectuals and the traditionalists who had been against Atatürk. It was my friends and I who achieved this. We’ve been the only ones who quickly gives an intellectual response to or intervene through legal means in any news to the detriment of Islam. It was us who showed the repulsiveness of the pretentious, pseudo-intellectual discourse and the heinousness of the moral values promoted by the British deep state. Living one's life without expecting anything in return other than God's approval and pursuing the ideal of devoting one's life solely to God are qualities that are manifest in us. For example, some people have everything; a car, a house, family with children, a job, education, a business. They basically live on the fat of the land. They serve for the good of Islam only when they could spare time from all these. But my friends and I have completely devoted our lives to Islam and serving the good of Islam. It is a quality peculiar to me and my friends to isolate one's self from all the social aspects of life, and channel all our energy into serving Islam. We’ve been the first to expose the religion of the ignorant. People had not been aware of it before. We were the first to point out that melancholy and romanticism have no place in Islam. Most of the Muslim sects were persistently advocating melancholy and romanticism. We were the first to express that this is an evil scheme. It was us who get across to people the fact that martyrdom is a cause for joy, that the mourning culture and wailing are wrong and a sin, praised be God. It is us who insistently put emphasis on the importance of love. We showed people how to put the teachings of the Qur'an into practice in our daily life. People had not known how to do so even if they would read the Qur'an. Keeping the truths of faith and the miracles of the Qur'an topical has been our main quality. Although there are many conservative newspapers and TV stations with vast means at their disposal, they barely talk about the truths of faith or the miracles of the Qur'an. The media always feature political news. We focus our efforts to help strengthen people's faith. We talk about the miracles of the Qur'an extensively. It is our unique characteristic to bring people of all circles, opinions and beliefs who normally would never appear on the screen together around our iftar tables. Others only manage to gather their own followers. But our iftar tables are graced by the presence of sectarians, secularists, Ataturkists, leftists, communists, members of the Naqshbandi and Qadiri sects, atheists, Jews, Christians. It is us who make the most reasonable, comprehensible and succinct narrations most suitable for the human nature. Others usually do nothing more than perplexing people's minds.  People have a hard time making sense of what they say. We are the only ones using a straightforward, concise and erudite discourse.

GÖRKEM ERDOĞAN: Mr. Oktar, your article titled "How Did Propaganda Led to the Holocaust?" was featured on the website of Channel 9 TV, a network that broadcasts fully in Russian in Israel. Your article describes how the anti-Semitic dark propaganda carried out by the Nazis gave way to hatred towards Jews and ultimately turned into a brutal genocide. You remind all the Muslim country leaders, be it political or religious, that they bear a great responsibility to inform believers about how Islam never allows such brutality and hatred, how the People of the Book are under the protection of Muslims according to the Qur'an. Bernama, Malaysia's national press agency, featured your article titled "Google: An Emerging Global Actor in the Internet World" in Malaysian. In your article, you point out to the fact how hateful masses are created by methods of propaganda and indoctrination, and that the same methods can be applied in spreading love and friendship across the world. You underline the importance of big internet platforms such as Google dedicating all their available capabilities and means to building a happy, free and peaceful world. Your said article was also featured on the Malay web portal Berita Daily in Malaysian.

ADNAN OKTAR: These are various ways of preaching. It is an unstoppable effort. One might prevent it on television, but it would continue in other forms. Besides, I have got my message across to large number of people already. Even if our efforts were ceased, It still would not make any difference.

ASLI HANTAL: Il Talebano, the Italian political think-tank renowned for its stance on upholding the humane and familial spiritual values against the society's inclination towards materialism, published your article titled "The Miracles of Jesus in the Bible and the Qur'an" on its internet site. Your article features verses from the Qur'an and the Bible about the how the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) resurrected the dead, miraculously healed the sick, and how a bird he made out of clay came to life. The Kashmir Reader, Indian daily newspaper that is issued in Srinagar located in Jammu and Kashmir, and feature well-known columnists, published your article titled "It is Possible to Minimize Fatalities in Mining." Your piece lays emphasis on the need for efforts made towards a transition to automated systems and a strict regulation when it comes to protecting people’s lives. Eurasia Review, an independent press organ and a think-tank based in the US, featured your article titled "One step closer to a resolution in Syria." Your piece highlights the fact that an alliance of regional countries built for the salvation of the Syrian people will prove wrong those who say "it is good to be divided." Az-zaman, a London-based Iraqi daily newspaper published in Arabic, featured your article titled "Operation Olive Branch and Peace in Syria." Your article notes that the Turkish army, after successfully removing the terrorist groups that have caused a serious security threat in the region for years, will retreat back to its borders as it has always done. You also state that this operation will be a crucial step towards the goal of ensuring permanent peace and security for the Syrian state and the Syrian people.

ADNAN OKTAR: We illuminate the entire world. On which matter? On the matter of Operation Olive Branch. There are no other articles out there about Operation Olive Branch, about how the Turkish government is following an accurate policy. Majority of those who address this matter express baseless criticism. I am the only person expressing support. There are barely any authors who write abroad about the beauties and blessings of our country and nation in an enthusiastic tone. I am the most effective one, praised be God. I am saying this in all humbleness, but I have yet to come across any others other than myself. They usually try to make a name for themselves by criticizing the Turkish state and government. It is an unbecoming way of making a name for one's self. I am second to none in supporting and defending the Turkish government through publications abroad. During the Gezi incidents, my countless articles were featured in all foreign newspapers disclosing the ugly truth behind the uprising. My articles published in thousands in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia, basically all over the world. I was the only one showing support. At the time, no one but us came out in support of the Turkish government. There were no more than a handful of people who expressed their support for the Turkish state and government abroad.  Thousands of my articles are published day in and day out. Many authors had been daunted by the PKK and would try to ingratiate themselves with the terrorist organization. I was the first to start publishing articles that abased the PKK. My efforts encouraged people. They used to try to stay on the PKK's good side. They would visit the PKK in their camps and drink coffee with them. As you have seen, most of the authors were trying to earn the PKK's sympathy. I’ve been the first author to call the PYD a terrorist organization abroad. At the time, even ministers would refrain from calling the PYD a terrorist organization. Nevertheless, I wrote at all newspapers and demonstrated with evidences on that it is indeed a terrorist organization. In fact, I requested the National Intelligence Organization to release documents to the press so that we could benefit from them in our efforts.



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