Dr. Carlo Cossano: The fact that protein cannot form unless the cell h integral whole demolished all claims of evolution.

For protein synthesis in the cell, organisms of the cell and other proteins are necessary. The entire cell has to exist right from the start for protein production. That means the cell should have existed intact with all its parts in place from the beginning. This is clear evidence that the cell was created. Do you think this is adequate evidence that demolishes all claims of evolution?

Absolutely yes. In fact this is a clear and strong argument against evolution. This argument should always be mentioned. The cell is a holistic system that must have all its parts in operation. In fact, even if we build self-replicating molecules in the laboratory, we will obtain something not even close to what might have created life inside a hypothetical primordial soup at the beginning. Even if we wanted to, we would not be able to do this. Therefore, cells are miraculous wonders created by a superior intelligence that is God; they are already created complete and working. This is what we can demonstrate thanks to scientific research.


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