Luca Steinmann Talks about Italian People’s Standpoint Regarding Belief in God

Presenter: What are the viewpoints of Italians towards belief in God?


Luca Steinmann: Well, that is a big question, because Italy is a split country. So you have many different people thinking different opinions. First of all Italy has traditional been a very Catholic country until a couple of decades ago. Over 95 % of the population was officially catholic. Today the rates of the atheists are growing, but there is a very interesting point that is not just an Italian point but something regarding all Europe. The more the secular country is taking place and strength in Europe, the more we see how many people are looking back for religious answers. And there might be someone looking them in Christianity but as we know also many people look them in Islam. And these people looking for an answer in Islam are not just second or third generation of Muslims that were born and raised in Europe, but there are also many European people that abandon atheism or abandon Christianity and go and discover Islam.


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