Luca Steinmann: Strengthening the National Identity of Syrians Is the Only Way to Reach a National Reconciliation in Syria

Presenter: Can there be a national reconciliation in Syria, and who can spearhead it?

Luca Steinmann: Well, first of all the government. The government has just opened a ministry, the ministry of national reconciliation that wants to unify the people into just one block, into just one national block. What they are doing practically now is to speak with those fighters, fighting with the rebels and willing to surrender and to join the government side again. But in order to have a reconciliation, these practical things are not sufficient. That is my opinion. I was interviewing some people and they were telling me, that the only way to which a national reconciliation can be possible is to implement and to strengthen the national identity of the Syrians and to make the people understand that they belong to just one national identity as I said, which is based on the nationality and not on the different religions from which Syria is made of. So in practicality this is happening by forbidding the strengthening and the establishing of political parties based on religious values. So in Syria today the national reconciliation is also taking place by forbidding those parties that are based on religious beliefs.


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