Luca Steinmann Talking about Palestinian Refugees That Is Coming from Syria

Presenter: You just mentioned about the Palestinian refugees in Syria. So how do you think that will affect the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in general?

Luca Steinmann: Well as we know there are many Palestinians further out through all the Middle East that had to leave their countries and houses starting from 1947-1948. And during the Syrian conflict in Syria they have not been supporting just one side or another side, but the Palestinians are divided now. And not only in Syria this is happening, but also in the Palestinian refugees camps of Lebanon for instance. Some Palestinians, individuals and factions are supporting the Shia front and Bashar al-Assad where some others are joining the so called Sunni front. So this is showing how the Palestinian tragedy and Palestinian issue is also being infected by this conflict. And the big problem according to me is that after 1923, after the so called application, the fighting of application of the two state solution, many Palestinians abroad fell to be forgotten by their institutions. Because accepting like two different states in Palestine means accepting the fact the those Palestinians being abroad and being sometimes born and raised abroad will never be back to the country they think they belong to. So they are abroad but they still want to go back and they still feel themselves as Palestinians and they feel their culture and they have a great literature. I am thinking of Ghassan Kanafani, Mahmoud Darwish and other important journalists. So as long as a solution for the Palestinian Israeli issue wouldn’t be found, well, this will affect every other conflict, every other tension that will happen in the Middle east.



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