An interview with Dr. Bernard Brandstater

An interview with Dr. Bernard Brandstater

PRESENTER: Welcome to Loma Linda University. I'm here with Dr. Bernard Brandstater and before I get into some questions, I'd like Dr. Brandstater to introduce himself and tell us a little bit about Loma Linda University.

Dr. BERNARD BRANDSTATER: Loma Linda University has been here in Southern California for a hundred and ten years and it was established by like many institutions, like many universities by a Church, a worshipping community by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It includes a medical school and a very large teaching hospital and I have been a professor, a senior professor here at Loma Linda for many years, more years then I care to confess but there you are. My name is Bernard Brandstater, originally I was born and raised and educated in Australia. But I have spent many years, in fact thirteen years in the Middle East in Beirut, at the American University of Beirut. That's where I became familiar with the people and the culture of the Middle East and of course that includes many of my Islamic friends. So, that's my background.

PRESENTER: Wonderful. Thank you very much.


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