Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano: Can coincidences or randomness explain the origin of life?

Can coincidences or randomness explain the origin of life?

Absolutely not. Life is information. The cells live thanks to the information contained in the DNA. The DNA is a molecule that contains information. Science itself shows that information cannot be generated by the chance since it has a meaning, a meaning that, in the case of the DNA, allows the execution of specific functions. So, this kind of information cannot be generated by chance. Indeed, the research about the origin of life has been trying for several decades to demonstrate how some random and fully mechanistic processes could create information such as the auto replication of a molecule. This of course did not happen by chance. Molecules with a minimum auto-replication function can be created, but this is possible only because there is a team of scientists who work for weeks and sometimes for months in a laboratory with suitable environmental conditions. This shows that there is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting the idea that information contained in life can be generated by random processes. This is what we experience every day in our lives; everything that contains information such as a book, software, or music, has not been created by chance. If cells and DNA were created by chance, they could not contain the kind of information necessary and essential for life.


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