Some Muslims are unaware of the mass massacres carried by the British deep state in Syria and Iraq

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 6th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Lately, the biggest amusement of the British deep state is to martyr Muslims. They have martyred hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Aleppo, and they hunger for more. They have driven Muslims into a small tract of land of 30 kilometers. They are raining bombs upon Muslims. They effectively wiped out the entire Aleppo. It has virtually become a ghost city. They are raining bombs upon people, women and children alike. Yet no Muslim scholar comes out and says, "There is something extraordinary. These attacks are carried out by dajjal." They disregard it as "not noteworthy." They keep featuring Cubbeli Ahmet Hodja on Haber Turk. He says, "We have 700 years until the Day of Judgment arrives. Rest assured, there is nothing to worry about." The other scholars do not speak any differently. For instance one says, "We perform prayers; we recite the Qur'an and the hadiths. The End Times are not upon us yet. Muslims are regarded highly everywhere. Muslims are regarded highly everywhere, rest assured that there is nothing to worry about." In other words, they say that neither the dajjal movement nor the coming of Mahdi is of topical concern. "The Islamic Unity is not essential, there is nothing to worry about," he says. And thousands of people hail and applaud his speech. Some scholars come out and speak about utterly insignificant issues. One asks; "I have planted a flower upon the grave, is it alright," and he replies, "I would not say you have made a mistake by doing so." They waste 2 hours of Muslims’ time. How can you talk about flowers when Muslims are facing a massacre?! Come to your senses. Muslims are suffering greatly and look at what they concern themselves with. "I have four trees, and I have planted the fifth at the edge of my house, bordering my neighbor’s house," he says, and asks, "Did I violate his rights by doing so?" Look at his concern while the Muslims are being martryed. It is unbelievable. Women and children are being martyred en masse. As of now, Aleppo has become a hellhole. Bombs are raining down one after another. They constantly drop napalm and general purpose bombs. The region has become a living hell, under heavy bombardment from sunrise to sunset. 

And the hypocrites of the British deep state say, "What about homosexual rights?" They neither care about the countless people who have been martyred in Aleppo, nor those who lost their extremities to severe injuries. For months, for years, Ed Husain and his team, the British deep state affiliates, have been ceaselessly pursuing the agenda of ‘How can we save homosexuals and protect their rights?’ They work toward how to grant freedom to homosexuals and liberate them. This is why Muslims fail to notice that there is something extraordinary going on. Nor do they notice the Mahdi movement. But God created it this way, and it will continue for a certain amount of time. As far as I see, it will continue this way until 2019. After that, there will occur a great, unstoppable effort to defend and preserve the Islamic values, which will only escalate. It will be an effort that is impossible to stop. But of course, this is a miracle by Almighty God. As you have seen, the Prophet (saas) informs us in the hadith how Aleppo will come under siege as it is now. "In the End Times, in the era of Mahdi, Aleppo will come under siege," says our Prophet (saas). And this happened exactly as the Prophet (saas) heralded "The Turks will chase after the bearers of black banners”. And it happened exactly like he had described. The Turkish army entered Syria and Iraq, and driven the bearers of black banners. Everyone knows about this; it occurred before the public eye.


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