Our friends paid some visits last week in Los Angeles

Our friends conducted an interview for the A9 TV channel with Professor Douglas Geivett of Biola University’s Philosophy and Theology Department, one of the prominent Evangelical universities. Professor Geivett has authored around 40 books about theology. He expressed that he was impressed by your anti-bigotry works and your willingness to come into contact with the Abrahamic religions. He said that he was very pleased with the books and gifts you sent them and he would like to go to Istanbul quite soon to visit you.


Our friends conducted an interview with Rabbi Adlerstein, the Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Rabbi Adlerstain stated that he supported your initiatives about enjoying good relations with Israel and he answered your questions.



Our friends interviewed David Spady, who serves as an adviser for the Salem Media Group. The Salem Media Group is the third largest radio network in the USA and its programs are being broadcast on 250 radio stations in the USA. David Spady, who has also experience in political consultancy, has close relations with prominent Republicans, including Mike Pence, the Vice President of the US. During the interview, Mr. Spady also mentioned his visit to Istanbul in 2013 as your guest and stated that his meeting with you was a great honor and a great pleasure.


Dr. Hugh Ross, the most well-known Creationist scientist of the USA, is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe. Dr. Ross is an astrophysicist and an author, whose videos attract tens of thousands of views on You Tube. He stated to our friends that he would definitely want to participate in the next International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe that will be held in Istanbul.



Reasons to Believe photographs


Our friends were welcomed to Reasons to Believe by a signboard with their names written on it.


in the Reasons to Believe studio.

Our friends and Fazal Rana, the vice-president of Reasons to Believe, who has been participating in the Creation Conferences for the last two years.

Our friends conducted interviews with some of the scholars at Reasons to Believe.

Our friends dined with Fazale Rana, Hugh Ross and their spouses.




Our friends visited Loma Linda University, which is affiliated with the Adventist Church. Loma Linda University is a 120 year old learning hospital. You can see  figures of Jesus illustrated behind parents and physicians taking care of the patients. These are the photographs.


In this hospital, our friends met with academicians led by Bernard Brandstater, an 88 year old professor, and Jonathan Paulien, the Dean of the School of Religion. Following Sadun’s presentation on bigotry, the academicians asked their questions. Mr. Paulien expressed that he would be pleased to attend our next Creation conference.


Our friend conducted an interview with Bernard Brendstater.



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