Hypocrites ceaselessly cast aspersions upon Muslims with false evidences

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 3rd, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Another characteristic of hypocrites is that they incriminate Muslims. Every day, they cast aspersions; such is their madness. This is mentioned in the hadiths as well. For example, our Prophet (saas) explains in his hadith how a hypocrite named Tume cast aspersions on Muslims. You all know about the blame cast on the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). Before that, his brother calls him a "thief." He accuses the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) of being a thief. Whereas it is the hypocrites themselves who are the biggest thieves; but by their nature, hypocrites accuse Muslims of being thieves, insincere, liars, all of which are the traits they themselves possess. In other words, they attribute everything vile about their souls to Muslims. This is the characteristic of hypocrites. And they do so with a cowardly and evil expertise. As Muslims are sincere and modest, that is, as they do not have any experience in that regard, hypocrites wear Muslims away most of the time. For example, you have seen in the Fetullah Gülen movement how hypocrites easily seized control at many occassions. They have taken over at many places. Via the British deep state, an immense hypocritical structure overtook the Fetullah Gülen movement.

GÖKALP BARLAN: Mr. Oktar, you said before, "Hypocrites produce false evidence". Prophet Joseph's (pbuh) brothers produced a bloody shirt to their father as proof.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, they know no bound when it comes to slander. They produce evidence both in their deceptive deeds and when they cast aspersions.

The hypocrite named Tume steals armor from Muslims. Then, he tries to accuse a Jew of stealing it, who is not relevant at all. He takes a sack of flour and carries it to the Jew's house by deliberately pouring it on the ground. Later, our Prophet (saas) receives a revelation from God, revealing the hypocrite's ploy. In other words, the hypocrite produces false evidence to convince people that it was the Jew who perpetrated the crime. This is a characteristic of hypocrites.

In short, hypocrites are the germs of society. For that reason, without dealing with the hypocrite issue, it is impossible for Muslims to have peaceful lives. We still come across their filthy schemes.


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