Our Prophet (saas) was very handsome and well-built

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 6th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: "Everyone gives a different description of Hazrat Muhammad's (saas) appearance, but I only believe what I hear from you. Mr. Oktar, can you describe our Prophet (saas)?" asks one of our viewers. Our Prophet (saas) was taller than the average and he had broad shoulders; he was a wrestler. He was strong enough to wrestle heavyweight wrestlers. He had largish hands and feet, broad shoulders, black eyes, long, elegant fingers and toes, strong biceps and a powerful grip, and long, wavy black hair falling lightly over his shoulders. He had pitch black eyes, crescent-shaped eyebrows that rest high on his forehead, an elegant, slightly protruding nose that subtly resembles the beak of a falcon. Our Prophet (saas) had a largish mouth lined with pearl-white teeth that gave him a radiant smile. He had a pinkish white skin, black beard, broad shoulders. Our Prophet (saas) also had a birthmark on his back, the size of the tip of a finger. He had a slight line of hair on his chest. He had a bright skin; his face, cheeks, his entire skin was bright. A beautiful scent would drift from him that could be picked up even from afar. He had a piercing gaze; his eyes were pitch-black and the white of his eyes were very white. His gaze was so penetrating, no one could look him straight in the eye. He would make jokes so that the people could find relief. Our Prophet (saas) had an innocent face like a child. He was fleet-footed, in other words, he would not move slowly. He was very agile and also had an overwhelming strength. There is this man, the champion wrestler of the era, who tells our Prophet (saas), "I will become a believer if you can defeat me," and challenges him to the arena. As soon as they begin, our Prophet (saas) grabs the wrestler and pins him down. The wrestler says, "I was taken unawares, it was so sudden. That is why you managed to defeat me." "Alright," says our Prophet (saas), "let's wrestle one more time." Again, our Prophet (saas) grabs the wrestler and pins him down. At that point, the wrestler says to our Prophet (saas), "It is true, you are the Prophet." Our Prophet (saas) had an overwhelming strength.


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