Those who are against the beauty of women are making a mistake

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 19th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: Let women be beautiful and attractive. No one should pay any heed to these people. Otherwise, homosexuality spreads like wildfire. You see that it is about to swallow the whole world. We will not let that happen. It is wrong to corrupt the human nature. Men will look like man and women will look like woman. They say, "Her make-up is heavy." Who decides that it is heavy? A proper make-up is the one that looks good. These people want make-up to look unattractive. They only approve make-up that looks bleak and unattractive, that does not look feminine. Unseemly women are particularly concerned with this issue. And also are homosexuals. There are two groups who are against feminine beauty, against women looking beautiful and attractive. One is the unseemly, overweight women who have lost their interest in life, or in their own words, lifeless women; and the second is homosexuals. And the ones who find young boys attractive. They are vehemently opposed to it, in other words, they are misogynists. They do not want women to look beautiful and enticing and offer myriad excuses and claims against it. It is not worth paying any heed to such people. There is no limit where male beauty is concerned; they are free to look as handsome as they wish. Women, too, are free to look as enticing and beautiful as they wish; there is no limit to it. What is important is that they should be respected, appreciated, and behave virtuously.


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