Contrary to claims of radicals, Islam is mercy, compassion, beauty, kindness and all the good things

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 30th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Islam promotes mercy, compassion, science, knowledge, beauty, arts, aesthetic, kindness, moral purity and everything that is beautiful. Muslims are wonderful people. They are the most perfect people there can be. But sadly, Muslims are associated with people with graying beard, balding head covered by a cap, holding a baton, who have murderous tendencies, who have little to eat and wear, who despise and reject music in any form, who have no household items in their homes except a small piece of rug to sit upon, who does not eat any food to the point of having stomachaches, who spend their whole lives grieving and crying, who perform prayers for hours on end causing their feet to swell. Such people brag about how they live by our Prophet's (saas) example as he too was supposedly perform prayers until his feet would become swollen. What kind of prayer is this? By doing so, they are damaging their bodies' health. The way they perform prayers does not have any place in Islam. Muslims' religious duty is to perform prayers five times a day. Where do you come up with the extra prayer? "I am doing so just for the sake of doing it," they say. What does it mean to perform prayers until dawn? What does ‘swollen feet’ mean? It means the body is injured? So how will those people be able to walk afterward? How will they be able to serve Islam with swollen feet? By doing so, they will achieve nothing but injuring themselves and lying around until they are better. This is not how it should be. No music, no painting, no fun, no beauty, no laughter. Women are not allowed to go out, wear make-up, dye their hair; people are not allowed to have fun, wear silk cloths or golden jewelry. In short, everything that brings happiness is forbidden. This is not the way to live. Such a religious conception is paving the way for the imminent collapse of the Islamic world. Our Prophet (saas) says in the hadith, "Dajjal will enthrall the entire Islamic world through a small force." Through only a token force comprised of the British deep state and a dajjalic system that passes down in direct hereditary line, they have enthralled the Islamic world. Muslims were annihilated in Iraq and Syria along with entire cities. Still, some Muslims are still ignorant to the reality, concerning themselves with trivial matters. Will my fiancée accept my proposal? Should we offer soda or lemonade to our guests in our wedding? They do not even care about what is really going on. They discuss hours on end which football team bested which, while turning a blind eye to the massacre of incomprehensible proportions taking place in the Muslim world. These people are crying for help, "Save us for the sake of God, they are slaughtering us." But most people do not even care.


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