Our Prophet (saas) met Jesus Messiah (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) during his Ascension [Mi'raj]

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 3rd, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: According to Hijri calendar, tonight is the 27th night of the month of Rajab, the Night of Ascension which signifies our Prophet's (saas) reception before God. As you know, the Messenger of God (saas) had a journey to Ascension and met all the prophets. Our Prophet (saas) traveled all the layers of heaven and personally met with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the Prophet Moses (pbuh), the Prophet Abraham (saas) and the rest of the prophets. He saw them in their physical forms. He saw Hazrat Mahdi (as) as well. He asked Almighty God "O Lord, who is this person?" and God replied, He is Mahdi. I love him dearly, so you should love him as well."

SEMİH MERİÇ: There is a statement of our Prophet (saas); "Mahdi was like a radiant star among them."

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. After having been introduced to every prophet, our Prophet (saas) says : "Powerful and Exalted God revealed to me; 'O Muhammad, would you like to see them?'" asks God. "I would like to, My Lord," he replies. "Almighty God decreed this;" says the Prophet (saas). "If so, proceed a little." Our Prophet (saas) starts to walk a little. "After walking for a while, I saw Hasan and Hussein, Ali ibn Hussein, Muhammad ibn Ali, Jaf'ar ibn Muhammad, Jaf'ar al Musawi, Ali ibn Musa, Muhammad ibn Ali, Ali ibn Muhammad, Hasan ibn Ali and al-Hujjad Qaim Muhammad Mahdi (as)" says Our Prophet (saas). "Hazrat Mahdi (as) was like a radiant star among them," said Our Prophet (saas). Look, Hazrat Mahdi (as) was glowing among other prophets. "I asked: "O my Lord, who are these people?" He asks this because he wants to hear Almighty God say who they are. "He decreed; "Those are imams, and this is the Qaim Mahdi. He will make lawful what I deem lawful and make unlawful what I deem unlawful." In other words, he will practice what is in the Qur'an. "He will take revenge from my enemies." He will take revenge from the Godless, the Bookless, the irreligious, the faithless, those who attack Islam and the Qur'an. Without any blood being shed. God says that Mahdi (as) will not shed any blood. He will take revenge through love and knowledge. "O Muhammad," reveals Almighty God to the Prophet (saas), "I love him dearly, so should you. I also love those who love him." In other words, God says that He loves those who follow the path of Mahdi.  This means that, God will destroy those who fight against the Mahdi movement. As you see, those who do so indeed perish. (al-Ghaybah al-Numani by Sheik Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Numani, page 97)

Prophet Jesus Messiah is a companion. Why? Because he met our Prophet (saas) during his Ascension. And because he met our Prophet (saas), he became one of his companions. This is also true for Hazrat Mahdi (as). God tells us in details by saying "He will make lawful what I deem lawful and make unlawful what I deem unlawful."

The Messenger of God (saas) was ascended to heaven in the 27th night of the month of Rajab. Our Prophet's (saas) wife says that when she woke up at night, she saw the Prophet's (saas) was empty but still warm. This means that he had left his bed just recently. She assumed that our Prophet (saas) had gone out for a walk in the garden. Note how God does not take away the freewill. And when she returned, she saw the Prophet (saas) sleeping. Again, God does not take away the freewill.

The distance between Jerusalem and Mecca is 1235 kilometers. 1235 kilometers. The Meccan idolaters think they have found a great opportunity to reject his prophethood. They ask him to tell about his journey to Jerusalem and how did he travelled inside there. Of course, not knowing at the moment what to do, the Messenger of God (saas) says, "Suddenly, the vision of Jerusalem appeared before my eyes." He gives the same reply every time they ask him. He describes in exact detail the roads he traveled and the gates he went through. But it was not enough to convince the idolaters, even though the Prophet (saas) told them unequivocal truth. They thought that he had heard and learned all these from someone else. Mind you that God did not take away their freewill. Some say, "If I had witnessed a miracle, I, too, would have become a believer." There is no such thing. You see how they did not renounce their idolater ways and become believers, because nothing that would have taken away their freewill took place. The freewill of the Prophet (saas) himself was not taken away either. Because he was in a state of yakaza during his journey. He was half-asleep half-awake. He was fully awake although it felt like he was in his sleep. He was half-asleep half-awake. Otherwise, had the Prophet (saas) directly flew to Jerusalem, it would take away his freewill. Such things always happen in a half-asleep half-awake state. For example, Gabriel (pbuh) brings the revelations when the Prophet (saas) is in this state. Our Prophet (saas) turns into a divine being, shedding his physical form behind, and enters Gabriel's (pbuh) dimension. This occurs when he is in yakazastate.  He perspires and turns a deep shade of red even in a cold environment all because he changes dimensions. Once the revelation has ended and he returns to his own dimension, he feels a sense of lightness; otherwise, when Gabriel's (pbuh) and the Prophet's (saas) dimensions converge, everyone in its proximity are overcome with a sense of extreme heaviness. A shift occurs in the gravity, God knows the best. Due to the difference between the two dimensions, the companions say that they would feel as heavy as led, as if something pulls them downwards. Camels kneel down. This happens before the very eyes of hundreds of people. They realize that the Prophet (saas) has received a revelation as the animal kneels down screaming loudly, unable to comprehend what is happening from the sheer severity of the revelation. Once the revelation has ended, everybody feels lighter and calmer. This phenomenon, that is the convergence of two dimensions, has a scientific explanation. The main dimension is, of course, the Gabriel's (pbuh); Gabriel (pbuh) does not enter into human dimension. Humans enter into his dimension. The entire area where the phenomenon occurs enters into Gabriel's (pbuh) dimension. When our Prophet (saas) receives his first revelation, he turns into a fully divine being, with his eyes shut, his face turning a deep shade of red, the veins on his forehead throbbing, and he begins to recite the verses revealed to him. When the revelation is over, dear Prophet (saas) tries to repeat the verses revealed to him so that he can memorize. Almighty God tells him, "Never do so again, for I will have you always memorize them." In other words, "their memorization is on Us," says God. The verses are quite lengthy. For example, it is impossible to memorize Ayet al-Qursi [255th verse of Surah al-Baqara]. How can one memorize such a long verse at a time?  It is impossible. One can easily misremember the letters. No one can do it. But the Prophet (saas) knows them all by heart. There, he has the Qur'an inscribed on camel bones and sheepskin. There were many Qur'ans written in rolls of parchment. Old Qur'an scrolls are still being discovered like the Torah. They are written in very tall scrolls glued by their ends to one another like the Torah scrolls. As you know, God says in the verse of the Qur'an, "...an Inscribed Book on an Unfurled Scroll..." This is a verse of the Quran.

Why does the Prophet (saas) go into a state of yakaza? So that his freewill is not taken away. It resembles a dream state. A state between sleep and wakefulness. God always uses that state so that the freewill is not taken away. Also as mystery only known to God, one does not feel any fear in that state.  Just as people do not experience any intense fear - they do feel fear but not always- even in the gravest circumstances. Right? The sense of fear does not occur during half-asleep half-awake state; otherwise our Prophet (saas) is a human after all, he is an excited person. For example, the first time he beheld Gabriel (pbuh) in the sky, he hesitated thinking he might be hallucinating (surely the Prophet (saas) is above such thoughts). As Almighty God says in the verse, Gabriel (pbuh) descends upon him further and further until he lands in front of the Prophet (saas). In that first meeting, our Prophet (saas) fainted. He is a human after all; it is natural that he felt fear. He was frightened. But that was not the case in their second meeting. For example, he reacted calmly during his Ascension. But in their first meeting, he also came in contact with Gabriel's (pbuh) physical form. It must have been hard for him. Because Gabriel (pbuh) held him tightly and told him to read. He replied, "I do not know how to read," but Gabriel (pbuh) repeated, "Read," while holding him quite tightly. After that, the Prophet (saas) ran down the mountain to his wife, Hazrat Khadija (ra), as you know, and trembling with intense excitement, he told her to cover him. But being the wonderful person she is, his wife told him to be very calm. "You are a Prophet," she told him as the first person to impart to him his Prophethood. A woman. The first person to hear the very first revelation is a woman. Our Prophet (saas) told her, a woman, what Gabriel (pbuh) had said to him.  A woman is the first to hear the first revelation and acknowledge his Prophethood. And she claimed that he was a Prophet until the day she died. "No, you are a Prophet," she told her. Our Prophet (saas) hesitated for a moment, contemplating whether what she said could be true. Then his wife said, "Thanks be to God, you are a Prophet of God." She believed him because he was a truly honest, saintly person who had never told a single life in his life. All his life, he had never lied even once. Why would he lie then? He was telling the truth. He was famous for his honesty, even among the idolaters who would find his truthfulness extraordinary. He was categorically honest and had never told a single lie in his lifetime.

GÖKALP BARLAN: They called the Prophet (saas) "Al-Amin" [The Trustworthy].

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, they called him "Al-Amin," meaning trustworthy. It was the idolaters who would call the Prophet (saas) that.

Gravitons are, as you know, particles that mediate the force of gravity. These particles are found in higher numbers in upper dimensions. When an entity from an upper dimension makes contact with our dimension, these particles are swept towards our dimension. In other words, they head towards our dimension. "Sweep" here is a technical term. At the point where Gabriel (pbuh) comes into contact with our dimension, the gravity increases considerably. Likewise, those who communicate with the jinni feel this shift in gravity, albeit to a lesser degree. They feel exhausted; for example, when a jinn comes into contact with their arm, the arm feels very heavy. All those who communicate with the jinni know this feeling. Their arms feel so heavy that they start to ache, so they massage. They feel a lot of pain. Their arms feel unbelievably heavy. All those who communicate with the jinni are quite acquainted with this system.

GÖKALP BARLAN: That heavy sensation occurs on their neck as well.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, when the jinni comes, it causes a heavy sensation on the neck too. As if they are being vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner, the graviton particles begin to flow towards our dimension. In other words, they are being sucked towards here. As Gabriel (pbuh) comes from an upper dimension, he causes such a shift in the fabric of matter and everyone feels it. But this is most known to jinni summoners; there are thousands of them and all of them know it quite well. The body becomes as heavy as led. The women who communicate with the jinni, particularly those who tells people's fortunes via their finger, feel an immense pain. They suffer quite a lot. Their arms become as heavy as led. Others help them hold their arms. They feel severe discomfort. The Messenger of God (saas) is overcome with a similar sensation of immense heaviness. But he feels relieved once that sensation is gone. Besides, they cover Our Prophet's (saas) face with a veil so that people do not stare at him. Every time Our Prophet (saas) receives a revelation, his companions immediately realize this as he begins to perspire, turns red, and closes his eyes. They quickly cover him with a veil; everyone keeps silent and never looks at Our Prophet (saas). They only listen to him relate the revelation. Sometimes, the revelations last very long, as the Prophet (saas) relates it with an exceptionally eloquent Arabic. It is an astonishing literary art, the like of which has yet to be done until now. The revelation comes through an unusual, unprecedented literary art. When the revelation ceases, the Prophet (saas) recites it to his companions from memory, which is a great miracle. This is a separate miracle.  As he relates the very long revelation, his companions write it down on whatever they can find such as bones as it was a time of poverty and sheepskin parchments are quite uncommon. Dear prophet would sometimes receive consecutive revelations; he would grow pale once more and they would cover him once again. Sometimes, he would receive them uninterrupted and sometimes at intervals. The knee of the Messenger of God (saas) fell over one of the companions' knee, and the companion felt that his knee was heavier than usual. He says that the Prophet's (saas) knee applied so much pressure on his knee that it almost crushed his knee. Who says this? Zayd [ibn Thabit] says "One time, our Prophet (saas) felt feint from the overwhelming sensation of revelation, he told me to write the revelation down, so I immediately wrote it down on a shoulder blade." Such were the conditions of their time. They did not have the means and the most reliable thing they could find was a shoulder blade. "The stillness and feinting sensation engulfed the Messenger of God (saas) once again." The revelation comes in a consecutive manner. "The Messenger of God's knee fell over my knee," says Zayd as he was sitting next to the Prophet (saas). "I felt his knee to be heavier than before, almost crushing my knee," he says. In other words, he says the Prophet's (saas) knee bore heavily against his, causing a burning and crushing sensation. When the revelation comes, the others immediately bow their heads out of courtesy. This is what manners and propriety calls for after all. Because Our Prophet (saas) feels faint. It wouldn't be proper to sit and stare at him. However, just in case someone might look at Our Prophet (saas) unintentionally, the companions immediately cover his face with a veil out of politeness. They use a thin veil so that it does not discomfort Our Prophet (saas). A thicker cover might cause discomfort and difficulty to breath. So they use a thin, breathable veil to cover his face. He starts to breathe excessively. As far as I understand, his excessive breathing is caused by the heavy pressure on his body and the rapid beating of his heart as if he is running, out of the heaviness of the revelation. Thus he sheds beads of sweat as pure as pearl drops from his forehead as he continues to receive the revelation. Our Prophet (saas) says "First, I hear a sound similar to rattling." A sound similar to the sound a rattle makes. It resembles the sound of a rattle or something similar. Our Prophet (saas) says "When I hear that sound, I realize that I will receive revelation." And then a feeling of faintness following the sound..  What Almighty God says in a verse of the Quran is quite meaningful in this regard. I seek refuge in God from satan; "O Muhammad, We will impose a weighty Word upon you." Look, Almighty God refers to that feeling by the word 'weighty'. It causes a quite heavy feeling. Those who communicate with the jinni also know this feeling well. There are millions of people around the world who communicate with the jinni. I believe all of them are familiar with this feeling of heaviness. In other words, this phenomenon is not only exclusive to Our Prophet (saas). Same phenomenon occurs in the jinni. Because they exist in an upper dimension. If ours is the 3rd dimension, then the jinni lives in the 4th. This phenomenon is caused by the dimensional difference.

"Can you describe the Al-Aqsa Mosque for us?" idolaters ask the Prophet (saas). "I began to describe the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and while describing some of its sections, I felt in doubt as I could not remember them exactly. Thereupon, the Al-Aqsa Mosque was brought in front of Ukaib's house in Akabya," says the Prophet (saas). He says that a vision appeared. The same vision appears when summoning a jinni. A large rectangular vision forms. This is a well-known fact. "The Mosque formed in front of the house," he says and continues," and I began describing it by taking reference from the vision." The idolaters confirm the accuracy of the Prophet's (saas) descriptions, but they still refuse to believe. Because, since the Prophet (saas) could not fully describe the Mosque before, and now that he has given a completely accurate description of it, they think he must have seen it. However, our Prophet (saas) does not know about the Al-Aqsa Mosque as he has never been to Damascus before. The idolaters think that either somebody told the Prophet (saas) about it or he visited it sometime. It is open to suspicion as it does not take away the freewill.

Our Prophet (saas) probably also suffers from increased blood pressure when he receives revelations. He also clearly experiences severe heart palpitation. This is why he breaths excessively. Because the revelation leaves him gasping for breath. My grandfather was the most pleasant person in the world, masha'Allah. He was the most honest and beautiful person in the world.

He has a sweet camel. One day, while the Prophet (saas) was on his camel, he received a revelation. The camel started to wobble around. The animal would repeatedly fall down on his forelegs and stand up, unable to control its movement. It would try to stand up on its forelegs, struggling hard not to fall down, but it could not hold out for long and would fall down again. Camels are normally strong animals, but the Prophet's (saas) camel was having a hard time standing up. Normally, camels are capable of carrying heavy loads. The Prophet's (saas) camel was trying hard to remain standing but was unable to keep walking as if it was overloaded. It would fall every time it attempted to walk. After a while, its legs completely gave up as it slumped down. It remained in that position until the revelation ended. After the revelation was over, the camel continued happily on its way as if nothing had happened. The companions had strong faiths because they personally witnessed the Prophet's (saas) honesty and sincerity. But we have faith in him without having seen him. Our Prophet (saas) says, "They are more favored.  You have seen me, but those who will come in the future are my brothers and sisters. You are my companions but they are my brothers and sisters," says the Prophet (saas), referring to the students of Hazrat Mahdi (as). "They will earn many times more merit then you do." This surprises the companions. For that reason, they grow very curious about Hazrat Mahdi, his students and their ambiance. And as these narrations would pique their curiosity, they would listen to them as if listening to stories, and they would have the Prophet (saas) tell them every day. They would say "O the Messenger of God, tell us," wherever they saw the Prophet (saas). Therefore, there are thousands of hadiths regarding Mahdi, but they have been lost in the Sunni belief. I don't know why. Even so, myriads of hadiths have survived. But the Shi'a preserved as many hadiths as they could. For example, the hadith books we refer had normally been lost. They were later found in caves and various different places. Millennium-old, two-millennia-old, seven-century-old books were found hidden in caves. This means that there were times of danger, as they felt the urge to hide the hadiths regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as).




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