Grief and mourning in the Qur'an

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 27th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: "Mr. Oktar, mourning is what separates humans from animals. You should check the Qur'an again, it might be in there," says Ali Sarık. It is not. What separates us from animals is our faith in God; animals do not worship, animals lack conscious. If they cannot find food, they howl. Right? When they are cold or afraid, they howl or act the way animals do. But believers are intelligent, they act on their intelligence. They put their trust in God and be cheerful when they go through a grievous experience. This is why trusting God is frequently emphasized in the Qur'an. What we call 'trust in God' is to not react badly; to not grieve, weep, cry or yell when faced with such incidents. When a person submits to and trusts in God, it means that person does not falter, grieve, weep or react in other negative ways when faced with tragic incidents. The verses regarding trusting in God are the ones that abolish mourning, and render grief and mourning unlawful.

BEYZA BAYRAKTAR: Our Prophet (saas) also forbids mourning in his hadiths.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, I say so because the viewer is talking about mourning in the Qur'an, as he says, "You should check the Qur'an again." All of the verses regarding trusting in God forbid sorrow and mourning. Where there is sorrow and mourning, there is no ‘trust in God’. But where there is joy and serenity, there is trust in God.

EBRU ALTAN: I seek refuge in God from satan; God says in the verse; ""Do not give up and do not be downhearted. You shall be uppermost if you are a (true) believer."

ADNAN OKTAR: What does God mean by saying "Do not be downhearted?" Do not be downhearted when faced with tragedy. God forbade grief; believers need to trust in God. Therefore, mourning and sorrow are forbidden through these verses. There are myriad hadiths regarding mourning but I take the verses as the point of reference because the viewer talks about the verses.

In the 22nd verse of Surah al-Hadid, Almighty God says, -I seek refuge in God from satan; "Nothing occurs," in other words, death, injury, martyrdom or veterancy, "either in the earth," in the world, "or in yourselves without its being in a Book before We make it happen." God says that, "Every incident is predestined. I create them." "That is easy for God. And God explains, "That is so that you will not be grieved about the things that pass you by," such as the death or martyrdom of a sibling or a parent, " or exult about the things that come to you. God does not love any vain or boastful man." (Surah al-Hadid, 23) The verse clarifies it. Grief is unlawful. God says "I create every incident. So put your trust in Me.”

 Everything is written on a Book and evident. "You will not be grieved about the things that pass you by," in other words God says, "Grief, sorrow, mourning are forbidden."  


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