Love beautifies everything

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 12th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Love is presented as a worldly luxury. For centuries, satan induced this notion in people. Now, people regard love as a distant emotion. However, it is a common necessity just like daily diet. People eat breakfast every day; love is like that. It is daily need for people. They make it look like it is an emotion beyond people's reach. Whereas our lives are intertwined with love. Love immediately comes to us if we simply will it. It waits at the door, and when you summon it, it comes and surges through our soul, ready to serve. God created love this way. But people keep it at the door. They do not let it in. Instead, they let villainy, belligerence, vindictiveness, apathy, cynicism, ruthlessness, indecency, impertinence and boorishness engulf them. They leave love outside. If you summon love, it will come rushing. Love is easy. Love takes hold in your heart and mind as soon as it comes. Besides, love loves people. It loves God, therefore it loves people. When it takes hold in the mind, it refreshes the mind. When it takes hold in the heart, it refreshes the heart. It opens up one's horizons. When it takes hold in the eye, the eye becomes beautiful; it starts to see more properly. When it takes hold in the tongue, it starts to speak more properly. When it takes hold in the vocal cords, it makes them more beautiful. When love takes hold in the skin, it makes the skin more beautiful. In other words, everything about the person becomes more beautiful and refreshing. But otherwise, when grudge, hatred, anger, lovelessness, cold-heartedness, egotism, and selfishness take hold, they darken the eye and the tongue, rendering the person unable to speak. If you pay attention to those who reject love, you will see that they are tongue-tied. They can barely speak. They lose the ability to speak properly. Since they cannot plant love in their eyes, the eye becomes miserable. It keeps struggling with a cold, meaningless gaze. The light of love never reaches those kinds of eyes. It also disturbs the heart. Since the heart is created for love, it constantly suffers distress and agony. It virtually aches. Once the love takes hold, it immediately relives the heart. For example; when love takes hold in the body, it relieves the body. The person feels lighter. Otherwise, the person feels heavier; if the person is 50 kg, he feels as if 100 kg. It feels as if the laws of gravity shift for that person. He feels severe discomfort. When love takes hold in the hair, it begins to shine brightly. When love takes hold in the skin, the skin becomes younger, firmer. When it takes hold in the memory, the memory becomes keener. When it takes hold in the rhetoric, it grants exceptional eloquence; profundity and eloquence. Otherwise, the person talks nothing but nonsense. One should not keep love waiting at the door. God always makes it easy to reach. It becomes available when it is summoned. Love does not come because people do not summon it. But they summon everything foul and troublesome. For example, they summon hatred, they summon anger. They summon envy, sarcasm, belligerence. They summon everything that is bad. And these emotions immediately take hold in the body, withering every spot they reach. They consume the body. When it takes hold in the tongue, it ruins the tongue. It impedes the speech, it impairs everything

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Our tag is number 9.

ADNAN OKTAR: Our tag is number 9. Love requires sincerity. When a person is sincere, he can immediately realize that there is a Creator, a great power. It is easy when we are sincere. But when a person is insincere, he tries to go through every dark, evil channel to deny the existence of God. He looks for ways to reject God in books, on the internet etc. He seeks out other disbelievers. He admires the disbelievers. He never forgets his old disbeliever friends and seeks happiness among them. He always concerns himself with gaining the sympathy of the disbelievers. In his own mind, he tries to associate Muslims with corruption, and disbelievers with purity. He obtains a reverse view about everything. But when Muslims looks upon God with sincerity, when they do not pose as someone they are not, they immediately realize God. They realize God in all His certainty and majesty. They immediately start to adhere to the wisdom of the Qur'an. For example, the Qur'an is a simple Book, but there is an extraordinary wisdom in the entire Qur'an. But the narrow minded is only concerned with "the parable of satan, don't do this and that, disbelievers will burn in hell." They cannot comprehend who will actually burn in hell. But the Qur'an explains this; "Those who will burn in hell are mindless, unconscious, dead bodies." God explains it quite clearly. It is not obscure. God also tells about the troubles disbelievers go through. He tells about the discomfort they feel in their hearts and bodies. God tells about the relief believers feel, as well. Many people believe otherwise. They think, "We can start practicing Islam when we are older, when we turn 50 or 60, anyway. We should enjoy our lives to the full when we can." If people do not practice Islam when they are younger, their youth turn into hell. They cannot enjoy their youth. Their youth clings to their backs and consume them in its flames. They lead a miserable life until they are old. "I will become a Muslim when I am old." Becoming a Muslim is not a bargain. What does being a Muslim hold a younger person back from? For example, I am a Muslim. I fully abide by the Qur'an. What is it that is missing in my life? What pleasures, joys am I missing? What is it that I envy? What is it that I cannot do? Please, tell me. In fact, this seems strange to them. They ask me; "Have you become a disbeliever? What kind of Islam is this? You listen to music and have fun." They are unaware of the fact that these are lawful. They devised themselves a religion and let these religion consume them. They have forbidden everything for themselves with satan's inducement. But they believe that God forbade them, whereas it is satan who does so. It is satan that forbids them to listen to music. It is satan that forbids them from entertainment. It is satan that forbids them from gold, finery and beauty. It is satan that renders women ugly, not God. For example, it gives rise to women with unkempt eyebrows and uncared looks. This is also satan's doing. One by one, satan turns them into such gloomy people. Believers are beautiful, imposing and appealing. In other case, people lose all that beauty, appeal, charm, and everything. They believe that they are abiding by the Qur'an, in fact they are abiding by satan. They believe that they are following the commandments of the Qur'an. But they are actually following every commandment of satan. There is a religion invented by satan that is disguised as the Qur'an. There is the Qur'an written by God and brought down by Gabriel (pbuh). And then there is a religion brought down by satan. These people mistake the religion brought down by satan with Islam, and adhere to all the principles of that religion that is the religion of satan. Satan tells such women, "First, you must look like an animal. Do not pluck your facial hair," he commands them and makes them let their facial hair grow. "Keep your eyebrows unkempt," he orders and the women comply. "You must become homely enough to stop a clock," he tells them and they do. "Smell awful," he orders them and they obey. "Use foul language." And they do so. "Hate others, murder people, deceive others by telling them that many verses have been abrogated. Tell them that the goat ate the verses," satan commands them, and they do everything he tells. Then when they meet with satan in hell; satan says, "I merely tempted you. Did I compel you?" "No, you did not," they reply. "I merely tempted you. Why did you believe? Why did you feel obliged to believe?" he asks. "I tempted you and accepted it. My influence was weak, you should not have accepted. I fear God and love Him," satan tells them. It is at this point that the traditionalist Orthodox Islamists are making the greatest mistake. But when they go to the hereafter, they say, "By God, our Lord, we were not idolaters. There must be a mistake. We are not the idolaters. "They will have no recourse except to say this," says God. They repeat these words constantly; "We were not idolaters, there must be a mistake. We were not supposed to come to hell." They have spent all their lives struggling against the Qur'an. They have not found the Qur'an adequate despite God's warnings. And they have adopted the polytheistic and fabricated religion of satan and condemned Muslims in their own minds. They even ask; "Where are the deviants. We do not see them here in hell." They expect to see the Muslims who only abide by the Qur'an in hell, but they are surprised to find that they are not in hell. They say, -and God is surely above such thoughts-, "Where is God's fairness. This is unbelievable. It is them who were supposed to be here." They do not want to realize that they are condemned to hell because of their idolater ways. But they are well aware of what they get themselves into in this world. Because, when they are inquired about it, their skins, tongues tell everything. In other words, they know that they are idolaters.