Qatar is Turkey’s true friend

Adnan Oktar: Qatar is a peninsula with a wonderful location, surrounded by sea on three sides. They want to lay ruin to Qatar. There is a hashtag on Twitter which says, "Turkish Army to Qatar" that ranks 4th on the trending list. The purpose is ambiguous. What will the Turkish Army do in Qatar? I cannot understand the purpose behind this, whether it is done with good or bad intentions. They seek to isolate Qatar, they seek to isolate Turkey. They tried to isolate Russia. Should the countries sought to be isolated come together, this issue will be over.

Mr. Erdoğan calls Qatar "a friend in need." The Qatari is a saintly people. Pointing at Qatar as a target means pointing at Turkey as the target of a new operation. I advise utmost caution. Qatar was by Turkey's side from the onset of the July 15th [coup attempt] incident. They announced that they had been informed about the coup attempt beforehand. We love Qatar; we love Saudi Arabia, too. When the Turkish-Russian relations were tense, Qatar showed its unreserved support to Turkey during that time. It is a very friendly and brave friend. As you know, there is a Turkish army base in Qatar. This base can be further reinforced. If this is what those who created that hashtag means, then it is okay. Turkish army can protect Qatar more rigorously. It would be great in that sense.

We have cordial relations with Qatar recently. As you know, Qatari companies have acquired major Turkish companies. They conduct business in many areas in Turkey, from the food sector to construction. In 2016, Turkey's export to Qatar reached 421 mn Dollars, as opposed to Qatar's 271 mn Dollar export to Turkey. In other words, we have great economic ties with Qatar. Qatar is in need of a solid support and as far as I see they are forcing Saudi Arabia's hand. Saudi Arabia should not hesitate; Qatar is their friend. They are fellow Arabs and Muslims. The Qatari is a saintly people. We should send a letter to them as well that calls for reconciliation between the two countries.

Bülent Sezgin: Ibrahim Kalın, the spokesman for the President, issued a statement: In his statement regarding the Qatar issue, Mr. Kalın said, "The issue should be resolved by way of negotiation and dialog. Diplomatic contact has been established in order to solve this unpleasant situation."

Adnan Oktar: In order to solve what?

Bülent Sezgin: To solve the unpleasant situation.

Adnan Oktar: This means that they will turn unpleasantness into pleasantness. Mr. Erdoğan should do what is necessary.


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