The problem between Qatar and the Gulf countries must be resolved as soon as possible

Bülent Sezgin: Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Maldives and Libya collectively broke ties with Qatar on the grounds that Qatar is sponsoring terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas. Iran blamed the USA for this decision, stating that the decision regarding Qatar is a result of Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia. This prompted speculations that the decision will also affect Turkey, saying that Turkey is backing Hamas. It is said that the countries might take a stand against Turkey. Regarding the issue, Turkey has engaged in telephone diplomacy.


Adnan Oktar: Turkey should promote the Qur'anic Islam instead of the traditionalist Orthodox Islam that is adopted by Hamas, Al-Qaeda. Turkey would never adopt such a path. But the Presidency of Religious Affairs promotes the traditionalist Orthodox system that is based on the classic Sunni belief and those fabricated hadiths preach the execution of those who do not perform prayers and condemn those who do not fast, or give alms. The Presidency of Religious Affairs should promote an Islamic conception based upon the Qur'an. Turkey should reconcile Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Erdoğan should step in to resolve the issue. This development entails major risks in that it will lead to a falling out among Muslims. The British deep state is preparing for a dark scheme of immense proportions. This calls for an urgent intervention. British deep state is contriving a serious scheme that aims to divide the Muslim community into two and form a Rumi front. It also seeks to create a conflict between the fanatical traditionalist Sunni view and fanatical Shiite belief. An immense preparation is in the works and there are many people the British deep state can exploit for its ends. The government should follow a painstaking approach in this regard. The issue with Qatar must be resolved as soon as possible. The reason behind the disagreement between the British deep state and Qatar is the fact that the Al-Sani family, the ruling dynasty that founded Qatar, has always refused to cooperate with Britain from the very beginning. This is why Qatar faced an invasion in the past. Qatar declared independence in a relatively recent past, in 1971. Before that, it was under British rule. Having been unable to bring Qatar under its sway, the British deep state is now devising a policy that will pave the way for Qatar's invasion and its subsequent annihilation. Turkey has to thwart this ploy. Saudi Arabia, too, should not fall for this scheme.



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