Children should be raised with the knowledge of and faith in God

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 27th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Beginning from childhood, people are being alienated from God. Families are concerned with things such as "Did you buy any tomatoes, did you bring the peppers I asked for, when will your father be home?" They do not make a single mention of God. "Is the kid back from school; son, did you study?" Whereas, all the system should be based on God. All attention should be devoted to God. But people generally give their attention to everything but God. It has always been this way since the old days. People's subconsciouses have always been entrenched with such information. This should be overcome. Sincere believers must resist and reject this subliminal encoding. They should not see it as normal. People should be thinking and talking about God all the time. There should be a constant, close connection to God. Isn't there goodness in such a system [that most people do not talk about God]? Of course there is, it increases the merit of the trial.

SEMİH MERİÇ: God says in the Quran, "And as for the blessing of your Lord, speak out!” - I seek refuge in God from satan.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed. Speaking out about blessings is very important, but of course, it should be done sincerely, without resorting to demagogy. A tiny tomato seed falls to the ground and grows into a big fruit; and tomato is a stubborn plant in that it finds its way to the water source. It grows roots even from its branches; it is a persistent plant. It yields big, delicious tomato fruits. Not just one or two, it consistently produces fruits. Every tomato fruit contains at least a hundred seeds, single one of which again would give tomatoes. Everyone knows the taste of tomatoes well. It is a great mineral deposit containing potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphor, manganese and many others. It contains proteins; a high amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C. How is it possible? How can a fruit contain in itself all those chemical substances that are beneficial for the body? It has all kinds of therapeutic proteins and substances. Not one, not two. From carbohydrates to proteins, it contains everything. And it has a delicious, clean juice, whereas the soil it grows on is quite dirty. In other words, the soil is a breeding ground for bacteria. The tomato plant roots are in some cases thinner than a strand, this is why they do not allow any muddy water through; it is a marvelous mystery of God. Even the most effective filters cannot thoroughly purify filthy water. The water absorbed by the plant is very clean. Even viruses are filtered, let alone microbes. What is microbe? It is very small. Microbes and even viruses cannot enter the cell of the plant. It filters them all. It bears crisp, tasty tomatoes that are ripe to be picked; it is easily plucked from its stem. This is also true for pepper, eggplant, and cucumber. Some people consider these as ordinary, whereas none of them is ordinary at all. Of course, foods should be told about briefly, rationally, and to the point. If they are told in length in a tedious and dull manner, people will quickly lose attention, since human mind is weak. That is if you try to talk about all the vegetables at the same time. People should be told about them in due time and in a comprehensible way.


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