Dr. Oktar Babuna's live talk with Oliver Stone's son Sean Ali Stone on A9 TV (May 1st, 2012; 18:00)

A9 TV, May 1st 2012

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Good evening dear viewers. Welcome to another episode of our programme of The End Times and the Signs Leading to Faith. Today we have Ender, Onder and a very important guest from America, Sean Ali Stone, the son of one of the most well known film director of Hollywood. Like Oliver Stone, Sean Ali Stone is also a director, a producer and a scenarist. Since he was 2 years old, he has been acting in many Hollywood movies. In recent months he recited kalima shahadat and confirming that the Qur'an is the just Book and the Prophet Mohammad (saas) is the messenger of Allah, he  embraced Islam. In every opportunity, especially in the international interviews he gives, he stresses that he believes in one Allah, that Islam is a foe neither to Christianity nor to Judaism, that the members of the three religions can live together in peace, that there needs to put an end to warmongering.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Welcome Ali Sean Stone.

SEAN ALI STONE: Thank you.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: How are you?


DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Masha'Allah.

SEAN ALI STONE: A little head cold.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: May Allah give you shifa [recovery]. I just introduced you that you are the son of famous, prominent Hollywood artist Oliver Stone. And you repeated the kalima-i shahadah two months ago and became a Muslim and insha'Allah you believe in Allah. Alhamdulillah. And you believe that People of the Book treated nicely like indicated in the Qur'an, masha'Allah. How did you become a Muslim, masha'Allah?

SEAN ALI STONE: You know, it's more of a revelation, I'd guess you'd say, that I saw that this was a step I had to take at the time when I was in Iran at the time February this year. And it was something that came to me as more of a vision to accept Islam and make myself Jewish, Christian and Muslim all in same spirit, because there's only one God, so it's not difficult to accept that.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Masha'Allah. This is very important because obviously, logically and scientifically there is a Creator. As everybody knows Darwinism has been taught worldwide which denies the existence of a Creator, and prevailed, controlled ninety nine percent of the century, the people in the 20th century which inevitably led to violence and the terror. However, it is very logical, alhamdulillah, and obvious that Allah is the Creator of everything.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Do you believe the three Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam can peacefully exist?

SEAN ALI STONE: Can they peacefully co-exist? Well, we know that they have historically. We know that the Middle East has been under Muslim rulership for most of the last, let's say from really, the seventh century forward, and even with the creation of Israel that posed a problem, but frankly, the biggest issue was the way that the British and the French divided the whole region in the early 20th century during the First World War when the Ottoman Empire, from here in Istanbul, when that was destroyed, the British and the French took it upon themselves to create these borders here, and these fake countries that are now the modern Middle East. And so, I think it's time that we forget the issue of Sunni versus Shi'a for example, and go back to the principle, which is the spirit of the Prophet's words and the Qur'an, and if you look at respect of all beings being created in the image of God, then really there's no reason to fight over the superficial differences of how you practice; at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your relationship to God, and if you're a believer, then you know that you have to ultimately pay in a sense what is owed. You know, you basically have to assume responsibility for your own soul, and you cannot do that for anyone else.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Do you think you can set an example to the public with your faith?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well that's the reason that I verbalized it. It's one thing to accept Muhammad as a Prophet and to not say anything, to just be quiet; it's another thing to accept him verbally, vocally –and that's what makes you Muslim, to basically verbalize that you believe that Muhammad is the last prophet of the One God, and that's it all needs, so the fact that I was willing to say that publicly is what makes me Muslim, so I think it's a good example of how you can be respectful of all three faiths. You can be of all three faiths; how would you say, a continuous person within these faiths so long as there's faith in the basic principle that binds them all together, which is belief in the One God.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: We love the same prophets and we believe in the same prophets according to the Qur'an, the three divine Abrahamic religions.

SEAN ALI STONE: Naturally.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Insha'Allah in the end times, Allah will prevail His religion all over the world and we will see the unity of three divine religions. And we are very close by insha'Allah. Insha'Allah the entire Christianity and Judaism will convert to be Muslims. Because this is very obvious insha'Allah, if they become Muhammadean, if they accept [Hazrat] Muhammad (saas) as the prophet, they will become real Christians and real Jews insha'Allah. Because according to all three divine religions, it has to be accepted that he is a prophet of Allah, insha'Allah.

SEAN ALI STONE: Yes. I mean I think, I would hope that people would respect the Prophet -peace be upon him- and accept that he is the Prophet. Because again, this is all that stops one from being a Muslim; as long as you accept that Mohammad is the Prophet of God, then you're a Muslim, so it's not a difficult task. And then frankly, you know, aside from the three faiths there are many people who are Buddhists, Taoists, many people who are Hindus, many people from around the world who have faith, they practice in a different way. Hopefully they can see there's only One, hopefully they can admit there's only One Creator as opposed to different demigods they may worship [Allah is beyond this ]; hopefully, they would only worship one source, one Creator, One God.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: We are living in an age of faith insha'Allah. Because science, scientific evidences and intellectual struggle against irreligious philosophies can only be done with scientific evidence. This shows us that there is definitely a Creator. For example, if we look at the signs of creation, for example if we take the design in the mosquito. It does anesthesia, it anesthesizes the skin, and then sticks its needle and finds a vessel and sucks blood. And also secretes a substance which prevents the coagulation, an anti-coagulation material, which is called heparin. Heparin is used actually in medicine today. It was discovered in the 20th century. We use it, and the mosquito has been using it for millions of years. And it anesthesizes, it uses anti-coagulants, then it sucks blood. It can even see in the darkness, with a special seeing system, a wide seeing system. So that means, there must be a Creator of course. It cannot be a product of chance. Scientific evidences provide the evidence of a Creator. We are living in this age with scientific evidences people will all around the world have faith and this will bring peace, democracy, justice, compassion, mercy, love to the entire world.

SEAN ALI STONE: Is that a question?

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Your opinion, yes. It is not a question but you can comment on that actually insha'Allah.

SEAN ALI STONE: Yeah, I think that we're reaching the end of the age of materialism, because the path of materialism is the path to hell. It's basically satanic; you know, it doesn't have to openly worship satan to be satanic if you only believe in this world and the good that you think you can gain from it, because we all know that we're going to pass on and die here, so the question is what have you offered? What can you create with the wealth that is given to you?  

SEAN ALI STONE: In regards to this issue of random chance, for example, they would like people to believe this because this is how the casino operates and in the casino they say anyone can be lucky and you can win a million dollars, for example. It is based on this same ideology, Darwinists, satanists, you know it is the idea that by chance human beings evolved from an ape; by chance, by millions of proteins for example working, the synthesis of proteins. And the fact that, how could you ultimately, if you take any animal, as you said, why is that the mosquito has this, what was it you said?

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Anesthesia system, anti-coagulation.

SEAN ALI STONE: An anti-coagulation system, exactly. Because it could have gone in millions of different ways that would have been errors, and then that would have destroyed the mosquito.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Definitely.

SEAN ALI STONE: The random mutation in a sense; it has such a small chance, like .0000001% chance of succeeding if it's random. But they want people to think in this way because that is the nature of the casino economy they have created. In the casino economy, you can get lucky and become a movie star. You know, one out of a million people can get lucky and become a movie star. One out of a million people can go to a casino and win a million dollars, you see. That is the nature of the world they have built. So they like people to think it's all just a question of chance and not to practice the faith, this spirit that is actually transformative and realizes that nothing comes to you unless God wants it to, and that there's a spirit inside of you that deserves it. That you work, and put the effort and the time and the struggle towards building something and then it comes to you as a reward in a sense. Right? You have to earn the kingdom of heaven. You cannot expect to, by random chance, just land in your lap.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: So, you are right. Even a single to emerge by chance is impossible. This, Mr. Adnan Oktar gave, is a powerful evidence which defeats Darwinism completely because first single protein to emerge, other proteins must exist before it. Because proteins can only be synthesized by proteins, enzymes. But this is not enough, for proteins to exist, a DNA must exist. For the DNA, proteins must exist. They must co-exist at the same time. Energy is required, energy organelle and the complete living cell must exist to synthesize the first protein. That eliminates Darwinism completely because if a single protein cannot exist by chance, that means Darwinism is dead. And also we have the fossils. We can only know if ev0lution is a fact or not from the fossil evidence. It is very obvious, God created. So we question, if God created through evolution or not. We can only find the answer from the fossil evidence. And if we look at the fossil evidence, we don't see any evolution because there are no transitions between species. Species are abruptly, complete and perfectly formed. This is not our idea, Charles Darwin admits that, he says there are no transitional forms. And today's very famous Darwinist paleontologists Steven Jay Gould, Niles Eldredge, Colin Patterson, they all say there are no transitions. The Turkish evolutionists, they admit that there are no transitions. That means no evolution of course.

But we come across a problem actually. There are some Muslim evolutionists, this is a trap. Because they see Darwinists as a majority sometimes, some people. And they try to find a middle path between Islam and Darwinism. But this is not the way it should be, because this is an ugly behaviour actually. Because Darwinism is a pagan religion which denies the existence of a Creator and Islam is a religion which accepts Allah is the Creator of everything. And if we look at the Qur'an, we see evidences of sudden creation. For example, Allah created Adam (pbuh), 'He shaped clay with His two hands' Allay says. Allah shaped the clay like a porcelain with the shape of a human body. And He breathed His soul and with His word "Be", it became Adam (pbuh). And then for example, Moses throws his staff on the ground. This is in the Qur'an. And it all of a sudden transforms into a snake, a living thing. Inanimate matter into a living thing. And Allah says "Hold it", he holds the snake, it transforms back into a staff, inanimate matter. Jesus (pbuh) breathes into a bird shaped clay, made out of clay, inanimate matter, and it transforms into a living bird. And then we have houris [beautiful, pure women], wildans [young servants], ghilmans [children] in the Paradise. Of course they are not created through evolution. Nor man, or jinn? Are they created through evolution? Of course they are not. Basically, there is no evidence for evolution. Nothing about evolution. May Allah forbid. There is nothing about evolution in the Qur'an. So, Allah did not create through evolution. That means we refute Darwinism with scientific evidences completely. There is no middle path. And Muslims should not fall into this trap because satan wants them come closer to Darwinism, a middle point. "Oh, Islam is reconcilable with Darwinism", there is no such thing. Allah did not create through evolution, that is the bottom line.

And intellectual struggle is very important, Mr. Adnan Oktar always says. Because today in the 21st century, it can only be done intellectually that Islam prevails. Enjoying the right and forbidding the wrong, which is an order from Allah in the Qur'an, can only be done intellectually with scientific evidences.  

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Okay. Why Darwinism is so important is, again Mr. Adnan Oktar attaches much importance to that is, the basic tenets of Darwinism which are struggle for survival, survival of the fittest, if you are strong, you survive and you survive by crushing the weak individuals and conflict is the cause of the progress. These inevitably leads to violence and terror. And we see this in for example communism, fascism, racism, anarchism and terrorism as emerged in the 21st century.

SEAN ALI STONE: Yeah, there's a long history there. It has to do with the British Empire, frankly, because for example Huxley, who is T.H. Huxley, the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley. Huxley was the first big promoter of Darwin's theory and actually turned into more of a "science" because Darwin was trying to document his discoveries in the Galapagos and I think he was not even so sure of the idea of evolution frankly or the natural selection of species. Huxley was the one who really pushed him and of course, Huxley is a very important imperialist family; Aldous Huxley writes "Brave New World", you know in the 20th century, which documents the plan for how they want to treat the whole human society as basically a controlled system; that you can feed drugs to people to keep them happy, to keep them placated: the concentration camp of the mind, you see, because they saw human beings as animals, and as long as they feel happy from drugs, feel happy from the fake happiness that is given to them, then, you know, they'll basically behave. And that was the model for how they were going to run this empire, this New World Order that they're trying to create across the globalized world, basically all the countries are subdued by a monetary system run by like the IMF for example, run by the World Bank and controlled from the United States and London, and then people themselves would acquiesce to this because they'll be so distracted by what would seem to make them happy; entertainment for example, you know, the media. The truth would be out there; it's available to us, we can access information, we can study, for example, as you talk about the facts of evolution – they're full of holes, you know, they can never prove the missing link between the ape-man and humans. Of course, there's other theories about creative evolution; the idea of morphic resonance, the field for example that pervades us, because we really don't understand the fields of the universe, we barely understand the four forces, the four forces of gravity and electromagnetism, strong force and weak force. We're still understanding this; quantum physics has completely changed the nature of mind, because it shows that man's mind, subjective reality, is also influencing the physics around him. His mind is actually changing the nature of experiments, changing the nature of reality. Consciousness itself you see is changing the world we live in. So this completely destroys the Darwinist approach, which is materialistic. Life is not materialistic; it can't be. Without human mind, there would be no reality, there would be no universe. The mind of man, which is a reflection of the mind of God, the Creator, and they don't want the people to believe that man is creative. Because if man is creative, then everyone of us has the spirit of God within us, we can transform this world any moment, we can overthrow this world, we can overturn this order that they're trying to create for us, as opposed to making us blind and conformist and taking drugs and you know, entertaining us with these programs that distract us. We can say, 'We're not going to watch it. We're not going to give into your power structure. We're not going to listen to the rules you're creating, we're are actually going to find out for ourselves, we're going to actually explore because we're curious'. We know that we're basically enslaved by the overall economy that we're living in, and we know there's something very wrong in the world; there's a lot of evil in the world that we can't understand. So if we can actually, at any moment, realize that we have the power to change this, we have the power not to submit, but actually not physically fight but to challenge it, to boycott, to say, 'No. I'm not going to watch those TV programs, no I'm not going to go to a club and be hedonistic and listen to the music that you tell me to listen to, and treat other humans like they're animals, whether man or woman'. As soon as you choose to say no to that, and choose to commit to a spiritual journey of lifting your own consciousness, then you'll become a beacon for others to follow. And this is the spiritual path they don't want you to understand, they want it to be a mystery. 'It's magic to believe that.' We don't believe in materialism. 'Believe in the money that we give you. Believe in this money. Money is power'. Money isn't power; money has no power – it's black magic, a quick path. As soon as you give it away, that's power. When you give money away, that's actually power. When you take money, it makes you a slave to money.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Yes, you, that was a very important part that you said. Without consciousness, the material world does not exist. Actually, this is also a scientific fact which Mr. Adnan Oktar has several books about. Everything is created for human soul which Allah breathed His soul. At the level of perception like in our dreams for example. In our dreams we have a material world, then we wake up all of a sudden, we have another place in our room, we are lying in the bed. But Allah creates everything at the level of perception and without consciousness, without the soul created by Allah, the material world does not exist. It only exists in the perception level. Now, we are coming close to the end of our program. Do you have a message to the Muslims and Turks?

SEAN ALI STONE: The Muslims and Turks? My message across the board is simply "It's time to wake up". This is truly the End Times whether or not it's the end of the world, maybe the world will not physically end, I hope not because it's a very dangerous time. There's many imperialists in the West, the British Empire and their American cohorts, who would like to see World War Three with Russia and China, and the Middle East will be the place where they will orchestrate this, to create it. The real conflict is between the British Empire that's declining, that's collapsing, their monetary system is coming down, and Russia and China who basically they want to loot, and basically cause as much chaos and conflict with as possible. That's one strategy. It doesn't have to happen. It doesn't have to happen, because people can recognize the danger and by being aware of it, already they change the game, because we're not completely controlled by material forces; there's a spiritual factor involved in all of this, there is a destiny involved and God is here; God will intervene. At any moment, with prayer, we can save our souls, you see. Fundamentally, your soul can be saved. That's the most precious gift that you have, your soul. Would you give it up? Would you give it up, would you surrender it to have some power in this world, some material, some money, some happiness in the moment? Some drugs in the moment? Or would you be willing to sacrifice now i to have a much more sublime experience in the near future? Maybe not even in the hereafter, but God will give us in the near future I believe. And if you've treated yourself well, if you've treated your fellow man well, you will have a much richer life to come. And if you've only been feeding yourself, only serving yourself, I think you will suffer hell, this is the time.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: You are very correct. This is the end times, and we know this from the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). And many signs came through, more than 150 signs as we talked about, occupation of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran-Iraqi war, bloody attack to the Kaaba in 1980 and then comets; Halley comet and Lulin comet and the third comet as you know.

SEAN ALI STONE: Elenin, wasn't it?

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Yeah, insha'Allah. Sun and moon eclipses in the month of Ramadan, two following years our Prophet (pbuh) said, in 1981 and in 1982 they happened one after the other insha'Allah. And occupation of Azerbaijan and progress in the atheistic philosophies and open denial of Allah which we have seen since 1980s and which has never been seen in the past. And also a lot of bloodshed, terrorism and increase in the earthquakes, tornadoes. Earthquakes have increased like it has never been seen in history before after 1999. Hundreds of folds [than it was] in the past. All these signs show we are living in the end times. And we know, from the hadiths, of 7000 years, our Prophet (pbuh) says until my time 5600 years are over. So between 1400 Hijri and 1500 Hijri, we must have seen Islam's dominion in the world, insha'Allah. And we are living in the end times, you are right. Darwinism and materialism came to an end and insha'Allah a Golden Age is starting with Mahdi (pbuh) and Isa (pbuh) insha'Allah. We are living in these times insha'Allah.

SEAN ALI STONE: Insha'Allah.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: Masha'Allah you became a Muslim. Masha'Allah, alhamdulillah. And insha'Allah may Allah increase your faith and insha'Allah make you instrumental in Islam's prevailing the world. Insha'Allah may He make you instrumental in that and all of us, of course. We ask to be insha'Allah the students of Mahdi (pbuh). Insha'Allah we pray to Allah for that. And insha'Allah we will see the peace and Golden Age in the entire world, alhamdulillah.

DR. OKTAR BABUNA: And so we come to the end of our program for this evening. We'd like to say, goodnight to all until the next program.



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