Mr. Adnan Oktar' s Live Conversation with the English TV Programmer and Journalist Ms. Lauren Booth on A9 TV (7 January 2012; 20:00)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversations on A9 TV dated January 7th 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Who will I be speaking with?
MS.DAMLA:  Ms. Lauren Booth
ADNAN OKTAR: Ms. Lauren?
MS. DAMLA: Ms. Lauren Booth
ADNAN OKTAR: Who is this lady?
MS. DAMLA: She is a journalist who attracted great interest in Britain when she became a Muslim, especially since she is the sister-in-law of Tony Blair. You would know this better as you already did an interview with her, in June 2008. She came to Istanbul when she was working for the Islam Channel.
ADNAN OKTAR: Tony Blair's?
MS. DAMLA: Tony Blair's sister-in-law.
ADNAN OKTAR: His sister-in-law.
MS. DAMLA: Can I read some brief information?
MS. DAMLA: The journalist Lauren Booth we are going to be linking to writes for various papers such as the Sunday Times , Mail, the Daily Mail and New Statesman.
ADNAN OKTAR: Lauren, yes?
MS. DAMLA: Yes, Lauren Booth. She has also presented programs for Britain's major news channels, such as the BBC and SKY NEWS. She worked for a while on Iran's English-language broadcaster Press TV. She regularly produces programs for the Islam Channel, which has been broadcasting in Britain since October 2010. She has waged campaigns and other activities in support of the Palestinians and against the Israeli occupation and for justice since 2005. She was an intermediary in the breaking of the sanctions against Gaza by sea and land through the Gaza Freedom movement. Lauren Booth went to Gaza with the protesters in 2008 to draw attention to the urgent need for the lifting of the ongoing Israeli blockade in the region.
ADNAN OKTAR: Well, let me greet her first and ask after her health. How are you Ms. Lauren, As-salamu alaykum.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Wa'alaykumu s-salam, Brother. It's good to see you after all these years. Do you remember when we met, when I came to interview you, maybe five years ago?
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah. May Allah enhance your light. May He bless you. The hijab looks good on you, Masha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Alhamdulillah. You know, working for the Islam Channel, visiting Gaza, seeing Muslims pray, it all awoke me to Islam, and as you know, da'wah is in the actions of the Muslims, so Alhamdulillah, this is how I came to Islam.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah, you have grown even deeper. You have become even better. May Allah enhance your fervor, your enthusiasm.. May He bless your struggle, with knowledge and science, love and beauty.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Insha'Allah. I would like to ask you, Brother, about the role of da'wah in Muslim people's lives, and how we should be affecting those around us with our own behavior as Muslims?
ADNAN OKTAR: The most important thing is love, affection, compassion and forgiveness, which are the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). To be gentle and rational, and to rationally approach matters in terms of art and science. These things are highly effective and can resolve problems, insha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: You know, all of these are wonderful but big concepts. Do you believe that the Sunnah should be followed more directly? For example, remembering to say, "Bismillah" when you eat, to enter rooms with you right foot, because this increases your connection with Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah, of course. The examples you cite and other such details are all instrumental in the frequent remembrance of Allah. They are excellent. They are fine as the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) and in terms of meaning and of remembering Allah. These are beautiful in all ways.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: I wanted to discuss, really to discuss and share that as a new Muslim when you arrive to Islam, it's as if the heavens welcome you; the first months are very moving, and you, as a new Muslim I've noticed that behavior, praying fajr on time, being in wudhu [ablution] all the time if possible, these make special things happen in your life and I want to share that with Muslims and remind them to follow the Sunnah.
ADNAN OKTAR: But Masha'Allah I see you are very determined and with intent. You have grown in taqwa and determination, enthusiasm and fervor. May Allah make us brothers and sisters in Paradise, insha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: I'm interested in the experience of Turkish people in a secular Muslim state. We can perhaps describe modern Turkey as bikinis and beards. It must be difficult for women to step in and out of Islam. Many Turkish women, for example, do not wear hijab. In fact, this is not a personal choice; I would like to encourage women to wear hijab as your protection.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah. May Allah enhance her fervor. Continue in this. This is most excellent, masha'Allah. We are with you, masha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: This is not, I do not say this as a judgment on women, but I have to say as someone who drank alcohol, someone who would date men in a secular Western way, when I came to hijab, when it was given to me by Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala), I am now more controlled, humbled, and dignified in my behavior, and this too can go to other women. It's a joy, not a prison. Please, Sisters.
ADNAN OKTAR: Your moral values would be beloved of the ladies among the Companions, our Prophet (saas) and all the Prophets. Masha'Allah we hold you in high esteem.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: I want to speak today if we can about the importance of Palestine in the Qur'an and in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saas). I have a quote for you here, insha'Allah, I will read it: "The Prophet one day interrupted the silence of the Companions and he said, 'How sweet is Asham. How sweet is Asham. How sweet is Asham.' When the Companions said, 'O Messenger of Allah! What makes you say this?', he continued, 'The angels of Allah have lowered their wings on the land of Asham.'" Would you please explain where Asham is to your viewers?
ADNAN OKTAR: In Palestine, I guess. Is that right? We are here to benefit from your knowledge. May Allah permit us to benefit from your knowledge. We are your students, the knowledge lies with you. We follow you, insha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Alhamdulillah. Asham encompasses modern-day Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. It is the place where all of the Prophets walked, and of course, Palestine must be our heart and Allah is guiding us to love Palestine.
ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah increase your learning and knowledge. I am benefiting from you as your student. May Allah be pleased. We did not know, yet we learnt it from you. May He increase your learning like a river, insha'Allah. And may we benefit from your knowledge. May Allah dispel our ignorance with your learning, insha'Allah.

Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Alhamdulillah. The knowledge is to be shared. This was given to me by a Sheikh Ali, who is a Palestinian Sheikh, and I asked his advice on the importance of Palestine, and he also gave me this: "The Prophet (peace be upon him) truly said, 'When the tribulations- problems, befall the ummah, iman will be in Asham'." As someone who visits Gaza, and whose heart is in Gaza, I can tell you the iman [faith] in Gaza is very high.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Masha'Allah.  May Allah increase their learning and knowledge. May He guide us all on the right path. Palestine is the home of heroes, masha'Allah. They are all heroes there. Insha'Allah, once we have Islamic Union in the End Times, when we have the Turkish-Islamic Union, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and all of them will become places of rejoicing. Under the leadership of the Imam Mahdi (pbuh), insha'Allah. And I, by Allah's leave, will serve as one of the Mahdi's vanguard, as his gatekeeper, insha'Allah.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Insha'Allah. I just wanted to share with your viewers my sincere sorrow at the cruelty of the way that the Turkish martyrs on the Mavi Marmara were taken from their families, but the certainty, insha'Allah, of blessings from Allah on them as, insha'Allah, shaheeds [martyrs], and thank you to all the Turkish people for their stance and strength for Palestine and freedom.
ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah be pleased with you. How is your brother-in-law?
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Well, there were some talks going on in Amman this week I read in the newspaper between Israel and Palestine and he and his corrupt cohorts, the pro-Israelis, would've been there; that's all I can tell you.
ADNAN OKTAR: From what I understand she is against her brother-in-law Tony, isn't she?
Let us speak with her brother-in-law, let us have a talk, and we will win him over.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: All I can do, is make du'a [pray] that Tony Blair comes to Islam very soon, insha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. We also pray for that, insha'Allah. There was a great change in him after he received my Atlas of Creation. He underwent good changes.
ADNAN OKTAR: He used not to believe in Allah and in religion that much. But he became a believer. He became opposed to evolution, and that was good. He still has his flaws, of course. We should talk about them separately.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: We must. It's our duty; we must convince people to come to Islam and to enjoy this beautiful peace that is given with our religion, and also to stop making war on Islam.
ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Alhamdulillah. But why are we so far apart? Come to Turkey and let us meet and speak. I will introduce you to your sisters. Family reunions are Sunnah, as you know.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: If you're serious about making the invitation, insha'Allah, I would love to come to Turkey. I've only been to Istanbul for two days, and I would love to come, insha'Allah, and visit all the Sisters and Brothers in Turkey, insha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: It would be a great honor. We would be privileged. We are the dust on your feet and we would benefit from your knowledge. Of course I am inviting you. Honor and grace us with your presence.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Insha'Allah. Jazakh Allahu Khairan. Thank you brother. Now, may Allah forgive me, but I am a single working mother, and I must now make my children some dinner. So I ask you to excuse me, and insha'Allah, we'll meet and speak soon.
ADNAN OKTAR: These details are important. So, thank you. May Allah be pleased. Pray. I extend my respects. I am at your service.
Ms. LAUREN BOOTH: Insha'Allah, make du'a for the Turkish people and the wisdom of your leaders insha'Allah.. And yourself, Brother. Jazakh Allahu Khairan. Ma'a salaama.
ADNAN OKTAR: Wa alayna, Alaykum as-Salaam wa Rahmatu-l-lahi wa Barakatuh.



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