Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Israel's IsraCast chief analyst David Essing on A9 TV (28 November 2011; 10:00)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated November 28th, 2011

DAVID ESSING: This is David Essing in Jerusalem. Welcome to our IsraCast listeners worldwide, and a special welcome to our listeners in Turkey. We are honored to be speaking to Mr. Adnan Oktar, a prominent Muslim theologian and philosopher. First of all Mr. Oktar, good morning to you, sir.

ADNAN OKTAR:Good morning, welcome.

DAVID ESSING: Welcome to you. Could we begin with your view of the Arab Spring? Israelis are particularly worried that Egypt may now elect a hostile Islamist parliament. So is there a possibility that radical Islamist governments, hostile to Israel, will now be elected to power?

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, in my opinion a [majority] party under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, sharing their ideas, will come to power with a massive majority in Egypt.

DAVID ESSING: If an Islamist government does come to power, do you think that if it's controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood that it will take an anti-Israeli attitude and possibly jeopardize the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty?

ADNAN OKTAR: There is the possibility of it being anti-Israel, of course. But we are now in the time of the King Messiah, of Moshiach, of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There will be no wide-ranging war from now on. We will see that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has appeared, that the King Moshiach has come. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) spoke the truth, what is said in the Torah is true; some people  thought it was something like a legend, but they will see that he is real in the years ahead. They will meet the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in other words. A time of great peace, calm and brotherhood will dawn in the region. There can be no war where there is Moshiach. There will be no major war from now on. Israel is under the control of Allah, and Muslims are under the control of Allah. No such thing will happen.

DAVID ESSING: But there's also the international community, sir. How do you think the international community, and primarily the United States of America, how do you think they should act in order to encourage the new governments in the Arab world to remain democratic?

ADNAN OKTAR:Democracy is essential to the whole world, of course. A place where there is no democracy would be at risk. Turkey, Arab countries, Israel, all of them should altogether support democracy. But again, it is the King Messiah who is charged with that. The King Messiah will establish democracy, peace and brotherhood in the world. He will put an end to bloodshed; not a drop of blood will be spilled. The lion will lie down with the lamb. A little child will put his hand in a snake burrow, but the snakes will not bite him. That is the kind of age we are entering, or have entered. That is why there is nothing to worry about. We believe that Turkey and Israel will collaborate and do great things together in the region.

DAVID ESSING:Well, when it comes to the Palestinian partners that Israel has to negotiate with, we see now that Hamas, which calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, and in fact the Hamas Charter even calls for the killing of all Jews. How do you read this? Is the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas now turning to a more radical approach, a hostile approach to Israel?

ADNAN OKTAR:We, as Turkey, would never let such a thing. And nobody can do anything that Turkey does not let. Israel is from the line of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), and the line of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) shall live until the Day of Reckoning. Nobody can turn a blind eye to such a disgrace, so their hearts should be at ease about that.

DAVID ESSING:But Mr. Oktar, how do you explain, how do you see what has happened between Israel and Turkey, because many Israelis feel that Turkey has suddenly turned against the Jewish state.

ADNAN OKTAR: According to my own research, the people on the streets I have spoken to, 99% of the Turkish people love Israel, and Israelis are perfectly comfortable in Turkey. They are given great respect and love,  and they live in freedom. In fact, that is sufficient on its own. But the most vital fact is this; we are building a wide-ranging defense system in Malatya solely, in order to protect Israel from nuclear attack- for it is Israel that is mainly being borne in mind-and thus placing Turkey under considerable risk; we are preparing a missile defense system, a radar system, at considerable risk to ourselves. This is vital proof of Turkey's love for Israel, for the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).

DAVID ESSING:Well from that point of view there's no question that the Israelis deeply respect the Turkish people; they see the Turkish people as being very hard-working, very honest people. But there's also the feeling of, on the political level, that the Prime Minister, Mr. Erdogan, is using Israel as a means to increase his power and influence in the Arab world. What's your view about this, sir?

ADNAN OKTAR: I know Mr. Erdogan. I have never met him face to face, but I possess a lot of information about him. He is a very affectionate person. His heart is as pure as a child's. He is honest and well-intentioned. I can guarantee Israel that, no such thing can happen. We guarantee that as a nation; I can say that as someone who knows Mr. Erdogan. I have never actually met him face to face, of course. Let me stress that. But I trust his character, compassion, mercy and common sense. The Turkish nation trusts him as well; so you can be at ease on that. That [anti-ballistic missile] installation is being built in Malatya during his time in office. You can see the truth of this from that. A gigantic missile system intended to defend Israel is being built during his government, by his order and under his signature. It is particularly intended to protect Israel.

DAVID ESSING:Well, let me make this point if I may. I think that relations deteriorated of course after the Mavi Marmara affair. And I wonder if the Turkish people realize that Israel must maintain the blockade of Gaza, because if it doesn't, the Hamas [administration] in Gaza will bring in many, many more deadly missiles that they use to fire at Israeli men, women and children. Do the Turkish people realize why Israel has to enforce the blockade of Gaza?

ADNAN OKTAR:Of course, they think it is perfectly rationally. I do not think they think superficially. Of course we want no harm to come to Israel. And we want no harm to come to Palestine either. We want no bloodshed in the region. But it is the King Messiah who will ensure this. The Jews can believe that with all their hearts. They can pray to Allah about that. Let them strengthen their faith. It is essential that they trust in Allah. You will achieve this happiness you have been awaiting for 3,000 years in the time of the King Messiah. The time has come. You will see I am telling the truth within the next 10 years. We will bring the roof down on anyone who touches a hair on Israel's head. I mean, Turkey will never allow it. We will never allow any country to attack you, to shed blood or to try to annihilate the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We show that through our actions. We show it by placing Turkey at risk. So Israel can trust Turkey and can continue to do so. Our nation loves the Israelis. And you love us. In my view, it is a huge mistake to give the impression there is an artificial problem and to try to incite matters. Things have calmed down, and will continue to calm down further. It was a minor problem, and will be entirely resolved. Turks are a proud nation. All nations have their pride. And that pride was hurt in the Mavi Marmara incident; had Israel apologized, even indirectly, that would have been an end to it. It turned into an unnecessary matter of pride. Turkey is a mature state and nation. It would have let it go at that. An apology would have done the trick. Had a minister said, "We are sorry. A mistake was made here. We are deeply saddened," that would have been a very good thing. And nothing would have come of it. Turkey would have displayed the requisite maturity and urbanity. That is my opinion of course, but I think it is useful to tell you.

DAVID ESSING:Well sir, as we speak, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is addressing the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset and presenting his foreign affairs and defense policy. Might I ask you to send a message to Prime Minister Netanyahu on what role the two sister democracies, Turkey and Israel, should now play in this very volatile Middle East?

ADNAN OKTAR: I extend my affection and respects to Mr.Netanyahu. Please pass them on. His heart should be very much at ease. It would be useful if he remains in contact with me. That can be done through your channel. The Turkish nation is a highly rational people. They are very much removed from fanatical or crazy ideas. The nation is well balanced, with a fine character. They know exactly how to heroically oppose such insane movements. So you can rest at ease. We will never allow any harm to befall the children of a prophet.

DAVID ESSING:Mr. Oktar, could I ask you this question sir? My listeners, many Muslims and of course many religious Jews are going to be listening to this interview. How do you think religion, Judaism and Islam, can help further peace making and love between peoples?

ADNAN OKTAR:Judaism is a religion of love. Islam is also a religion of peace. Allah commands peace in Judaism and in the Qur'an as well. The word Islam means peace. So for Jews and Muslims to form an alliance will mean the end of the way of the antichrist, of cruelty and terror. When devout Christians, Jews and Muslims form an alliance together, there will be a complete equilibrium in the world. That is what will happen within the next 10 years. You can ask your religious scholars, if you want to be sure the King Messiah has come. We can see we have entered the time of the King Messiah by looking at the Torah. And one of the main proofs of this is that the state of Israel has been founded in the 20th Century. I could go on at length about all this evidence from the Torah, but it would be better to leave that for another time. Since we have entered the time of the King Messiah, your hearts can be very much at ease. Turkey and Israel will work together. And they will work with devout Christians as well. We will achieve excellent results. You will live in peace and happiness in the region. You will enter that happy age you have been promised 3,000 years ago, in this century, insha'Allah.

DAVID ESSING:Insha'Allah, and indeed we are all sons and daughters of one father, Abraham. It's been a pleasure talking to you today, Mr. Adnan Oktar. May I wish you all the best; may I wish that Israel and Turkey have better relations in the future, and may we all wish for peace in our region, the Middle East. Thank you very much sir, and goodbye.

ADNAN OKTAR:Insha'Allah. I would like to invite you to Turkey. Please come when you have the time.

DAVID ESSING:Thank you very much indeed.

ADNAN OKTAR: Thank you.


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