Would the British deep state oppress its own people?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 18th, 2018

VTR: Would the British deep state oppress its own people?

ADNAN OKTAR: It is really astonishing. Normally, one would expect it to not to, yet it does oppress its own people too. For example, it sends his people, the British soldiers into war to their death.

It leads to the ruin of the countries under its rule too by conscripting their people into the army.

It oppresses those people as well. In short, it is a system of madness.

For example, in the meetings of the Committee of 300, a group ofpowerful people tremble in fear of the British deep state.

So does the Pope as he looks horrified when he talks about the dajjal.

Because they know that it may suddenly decide to have them killed too.

It can have the Pope killed without any effort. It would not be their first time assassinating someone.



Satan is evil. He is not like the mist in Milano. He is not a diffuse thing. HE IS A PERSON.

I’m convinced that one must never converse with Satan. If you do that, you’ll be lost.

He’s more intelligent than us, and he’ll turn you upside down, he’ll make your head spin.

INTERVIEWER: Pope Francis, so what you are saying is that Satan has a name and surname?

POPE FRANCIS: Yes, I am certain.



Look at how horrified he looks. The deep state ordered him to become a Darwinist and he complied.

It orders him to promote homosexuality and he obeys. The Pope does whatever the deep state tells him to.

He had been told to become a Darwinist and he immediately complied.

He says "One does not engage in a dialogue and defy the dajjal." Actually dajjal is a senile old man who can barely stand.

But he overestimates the dajjal under satan's influence.

The other members of the Committee of 300 are also terrified of the dajjal. They tremble in fear when they face the dajjal, afraid that he would harm them somehow.

They believe that he can annihilate them and take away their souls.

They are scared of his supernatural abilities such as hypnosis and sorcery.

On the contrary, it would simply take one step to stop him. It could also be possible if there was action through law and legislation, however currently it is not legally possible.

The Committee of 300 first convened in 1727. The dajjal movement goes way back to 1727. This is the actual institution that steers other institutions such as Chatham House today. Journalist Jakop Dohas says that the world is ruled by 300 individuals,

and they are influential such as designating the US presidents such as Wilson.

The German politician Walther Rathenau says, "Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, rule Europe.

They choose their successors from among themselves." Rathenau continues, "These men, members of three hundred, have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of the State, which they find unreasonable."

They operate as the dajjal movement. Jacop Dohas was assassinated for informing the public about the Committee of 300. He was brutally murdered. Walther Rathenau, too, was brutally murdered for the same reason. They are not allowed to inform the public about the Committee. This is a show of force by the deep state.

Do you see how ruthless they are? They kill indiscriminately, even their own members.

This is why their own members are scared of the dajjal to death.

Both men were brutally murdered for their suspicious relations with the press. This is why the members of the deep state are scared.



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