Why we engaged in a scientific struggle against hypocrites?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 4th, 2017

Adnan Oktar: When there is a hypocrite incident, one should carefully deal with it, make good use of it, so to speak. Since hypocrites are a rare occurrence, they should be made good use of when the opportunity arises. This can be compared to the unusual octopuses found in the ocean; when scientists capture one, it causes quite a stir in the scientific community. The same is also true for hypocrites as they are not very common. Once they are caught, they should be thoroughly utilized. Because they yield great spiritual merit. Such opportunities are quite rare; this is why we make very good use of them. Some say, "Why do you waste effort on a couple of rascals?" There is more to it than that, because we consider hypocrites a vital issue. There is a blessing for believers in there; the more believers criticize hypocrites, the more productive, meritorious, healthy, cheerful and joyous they become. It is beneficial in every aspect. It leads to unity and solidarity, enthusiasm, excitement; otherwise, apathy sets in. Hypocrites should not be utilized briefly either; they should be utilized for years. Instead of short periods of times, it is important to make use of hypocrites for years. Because such opportunities do not come often; you have just captured satan, why would you let him go? If you have captured satan, you would not let him go; letting him go means leaving God behind. Because once you abandon the struggle against satan, you abandon God. Crushing satan through science and knowledge is a display of your love and devotion to God. For that reason, when God presents us with satan, we are obliged to thoroughly enlighten him with due scientific and logical explanation, even if there is nothing left of him but his tail. This surprises some fellow believers, and they wonder, "why would you waste efforts on a couple of rascals?" We have not seized a couple of rascals; we seized satan, the devil's army. If we did not perceive the presence of an evil entity, if we did not realize that they are led by satan, if we did not sense that these people have been possessed by satan, we would not care about them. We deem it important because we have seized satan. Otherwise, if we were up against ordinary people, we would not be concerned. There are many others such as disbelievers and other mischief makers; but what is most important is the qualified hypocrites, the undeniable manifestation of satan. In such cases, Muslims should make great, meticulous use of this blessing. Catching hypocrites does not resemble catching whales in the ocean; satan is a rare creature. Once we see, sense, realize satan's presence through inspiration of God, letting him go is out of the question. One has to see through the struggle against satan until his activities come to an end in the way that predestined by Almighty God. For that reason, our efforts astound some fellow believers. For example they say, "That woman is a hypocrite, so what?" That is not a mere woman; if she were, she would not be our concern even if she is immoral. The world is riddled with immoral people. We are deeply concerned with her because we know that she is possessed by satan, that she is a qualified hypocrite. We consider her important because she is qualified. Ordinary hypocrites are not that rare; we would not pay such attention on barely qualified hypocrites. But when we are faced with qualified hypocrites, when we see, realize, sense that we are dealing with satan himself, God inspires in our hearts the will to struggle against him. God hints us at the fact that we are faced with satan; besides, these people clearly let on the fact that he is in fact satan. We analyze the inspiration such hypocrites receive. They write down the inspirations inspired to their hearts by satan. Satan reveals it them, speaks through them, and they write it down. In these writings, we see the revelation satan conveys through hypocrites' tongue. Satan uses hypocrites' bodies like puppets. Since satan speaks through them and does not set their bodies free, we concentrate on them. Just like a scientist examines a lab-rat, we examine such hypocrites. Based on those qualified hypocrites' tone, we make deductions about how satan manifests in those lab rats, how he inspires, on what matters satan focuses on, on which fronts satan seeks to attack Muslims. But of course the capable person, wise person should be doing this examination; common people are incapable of comprehending the revelations qualified hypocrites are receiving from satan. The statements, explanations and comments of hypocrites are entirely inspired by satan... By examining these, one can predict satan's mode of thinking and the ways satan plans to attack Muslims. Another point I realized upon examining hypocrites is their desire to kill. They harbor an astonishing desire to kill; they say, "I would like to kill instantly. I would kill in aaga matter of seconds." Notice how satan speaks in greater volumes, which means that the poison of satan started to kick in. Because as a last resort, satan resorts to beating himself up. He truly lets himself loose. Their desire to kill is the indication that satan has hit the rock bottom. This shows that the struggle against satan is going in the right direction. Therefore, all revelations of satan must be put under scrutiny in order to identify the nature, philosophy and personality of satan. What intricate views satan holds, which issues draw his grudge the most, what issues infuriate hypocrites, in other words, satan; these should be identified within the limits of the Qur'an. For example, hypocrites seek the separation of believers; yet the number of believers gradually increases while hypocrites are always and utterly alone.  This is what God exactly informs in the verse; they are always alone, except for a couple of more demons accompanying them. On the other hand, believers are accompanied by enthusiastic, virtuous believers, whose hearts are filled with the love of God. And their numbers keep growing, along with their splendor, beauty and success. Books are distributed in thousands. Have you ever seen hypocrites distributing books? Hypocrites only distribute the revelations of satan. They never distribute the Book, the commandments of God. They are ordered to spread satan's revelation, and they comply with it. This brings us to the fact that seemingly superficial things harbor great signs of God. God confronts us with satan, so it means that He wants us to prevail against satan. In the verses of the Qur'an, God tells us to become familiar with satan's teachings and doings and his bad morals; God tells us that satan possesses such vile people, such germs of society; and they may be few in numbers, but this should not deceive us and lead to apathy, because they are qualified hypocrites. By referring to the Qur'an, we can see how truly vile and despicable, how treacherous hypocrites are. Therefore, every bit of information is important in identifying the nature of hypocrites. The objective of the Mahdi movement is to wipe satan off the face of the earth. God wants us to go up against satan. Besides, satan comes up in human form; he does not come in an ethereal form. When he appears in human form, Muslims should not give him the opportunity to get away. They should struggle against that beast through verses, wisdom, patience and faith until he is utterly defeated. This is a crucial form of worship that expands believers' wisdom, discernment, that blesses them with greater abundance and enthusiasm, that grants them a greater sense of unity and stronger resolve for making effort. And since this is a sacred, crucial effort, we have to place utmost importance on it. Some fellow believers occasionally write, "Why do you waste your efforts on such despicable, vile, ignoble scoundrels?" This is the form satan manifests in; do not expect him to come in the form of a prince. Besides, this is the way that is befitting of satan. Satan does not clutch on regular people; he clutches on the jackals and operates through them. In the era of the Messenger of God, hypocrite community comprised of murderers, homosexuals, thieves, usurpers, fiends, that is, the vilest, most despicable of people. Therefore, expecting a horde of hypocrites would be a mistake; satan has a sense of quality, in other words, evil character. Whoever has that evil quality, satan focuses on that person. He cannot find many people that meets his expectations in society. He seeks out and recruits such people from all around the world and blends them among believers. This is a great miracle, a mystery of God. First, God brings the evil people who will serve satan among Muslims. Then He keeps them among the Muslims and makes them serve Muslims. And then, as satan possesses them, He orders them to take action. At the moment these evil people take action, believers should step in and catch them. And of course, they should do so through the Qur'an, science, wisdom, deliberation and a good spirit of effort. Sometimes, the circumstances may necessitate using their own discourse in response to them One may need to respond to them in their own tone, in the way they will understand. This method is used in the Quran as well. Almighty God says, "Such people are like animals, they are even further astray." God likens them to pigs, monkeys. Almighty God uses such a succinct manner. What we understand here , this is a great humiliation for a human being, right? Then it means that humiliation is an important method that needs be applied over the hypocrites. Satan is quite haughty, egocentric and arrogant; it is the most significant characteristics of satan therefore he should be humiliated. Satan thinks himself to be superior to God, claiming he is more knowledgeable then God. He accuses God of misleading the Prophet Adam and says, "I know better than You and people will rebel against and abandon You." He is telling these to God. He says, "Humankind will abandon You, leave You all alone." He then adds, "I will gather them around me." Look at the hypocritical tone of satan." And the hypocrites of our Prophet's era would say, "Muslims will abandon you" and claim that they would gather around the chief hypocrite of the era. Samiri, too, would tell the Prophet Moses, "All of your students will abandon you and join me." He would say, "I made idols and I will regress them to their old lives, their old beliefs, and in the end they will follow me." So, what happened? He was left all alone. Looking at the hypocrites of today, we see that they, too, are all alone. Their claims are the same, and the events unfold in the exact same way. Samiri was a homosexual, a thief, an usurper and a fraud. But he wanted believers to follow him, trying to lead them astray with the promise that he would take care of them. Why would believers follow such a disreputable fool like you? One can see that other hypocrites, too, make the same claims, just as the ones that came before them. History repeats itself, so do their discourse and methods. Let me tell you another hadith. This is narrated from Ibn-Hajar; "In the era of the Messenger of God, there was a man, whose opinions and devotion to God drew our admiration. Just as we were talking about him, he passed us by. We pointed at him and told the Messenger of God, 'This is the man we have been talking about'." They would praise him, his wits, his bravery, his gallantry, to the Prophet. "Upon this the Prophet took a look at the man and said, 'You are telling me of such a man whose face is the craft of satan." The man's expression was utterly vile; it was that of a murderer's, a villain's, a despicable hyena's. This is the stamp of God. It is a miracle. One would think that this would contradict the trial that Muslims go through. But God brands such people. This is crucial. In the response he wrote to a hypocrite, our Prophet says, "You, the stupid and foolish member of the Sons of Galip!" Our Prophet was left with no other choice but to address the man in this way. "You should definitely know that the day approaches when you will not even have the opportunity to slip away and flee, let alone defending yourself against me," says our Prophet. In other words, wage the effort in such a way that even if the enemies flee to the farthest corners of the world, that effort will come through, insha'Allah. "You will certainly and soon see that I will shatter your idols," says our Prophet (saas). Hypocrites rely on their idols. "When that day comes, I will remind you of these." And lastly, he says, "You, the stupid and foolish member of the Sons of Galip." Some people ask us, "Would it not be better if you used a more polite tone?" It would not; it would not be in line with either the verses of the Qur'an or the sunnah of our Prophet. This is a struggle against satan; we are dealing with satan. Of course we would adopt the same tone used by our Prophet (saas) and the Qur'an. At least, this is how it should be.

Bülent Sezgin: God commands in the verse of the Qur'an; "Be harsh with them [disbelievers and hypocrites]."

Adnan Oktar: Indeed.

Gökalp Barlan: "God will punish them at your hands, and disgrace them," says Almighty God.

Adnan Oktar: This is Allah’s commandment to believers. And the believers of the End Times can wage this effort through knowledge, law and legislation. We will seek satan out and he also seeks us out. It is actually mutual. Under any circumstances and in the face of any confrontation, believers do what need to be done through information and wisdom. In the end, it is God’s decree that the victory will be believers.’ "They do nothing but talk" says God. Hypocrites only talk. Satan inspires them and they do nothing but convey his inspirations, says God. What we will do now is to make good use of this precious situation, and strongly, enthusiastically emphasize the importance of solidarity among believers while we have this significant opportunity. It would be a grave mistake to pass it over, because such opportunities come rarely. We would wish that we had this opportunity sooner but God creates everything in due measure. For example, God ordained us a female dajjal; He ordains male dajjals as well and sends satan down in human form. And God grants us an immense opportunity for our struggle against satan. Otherwise, we would not be able to see satan and pass away from this world without having the opportunity to wage a struggle against him. The greatest honor a believer can achieve is to struggle against satan, because by doing so, one struggle against the enemies of God, His Messenger, the Ahl al-Bayt and Hazrat Ali. It was hypocrites who martyred Hazrat Ali. It was also hypocrites who martyred the Ahl al-Bayt. Therefore, we must thoroughly examine all the methods of struggling against satan in the Qur'an. One should remember that satan might also attempt to use the Qur'an against Muslims. In the end, hypocrite is always on his own, all alone. Another important point is that hypocrite does not want the Islamic Unity to be established. Never. Have you ever heard hypocrites expressing their desire to see the Islamic Unity established? You would not. Would they want a leader for the Muslims? They would not. Would they ever want to distribute books that preach the religion of God? They would not. Would they wish Darwinism, which is the religion of satan, to be wiped off the face of the earth?

Oktar Babuna: On the contrary, they support Darwinism.

Adnan Oktar: Right! Would they condemn homosexuality? They would not. In fact, they are homosexuals. We will talk in time about the things that hypocrites would never do, the things that satan would never want to happen. Satan is upset of the fact that believers are wealthy. The marriages of our Prophet also deeply upset him, as well as the marriages of Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussein. In other words, the fact that women are a blessing deeply upset satan and the hypocrites. Satan despises women. Women are the group that satan hates the most. I will show you many hadiths regarding this subject. Hypocrites despise women. They tend to be homosexuals and promote homosexuality.

Oktar Babuna: You told before that they would not allow women into the Dirar Mosque.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, the Dirar Mosque was completely comprised of homosexuals. They would never mention Hazrat Mahdi or the Prophet Jesus. On the contrary, they supposedly try to make fun of our Prophet's hadiths. It is actually satan who tries to make fun of the hadiths. If satan makes fun of the hadiths, then this only attests to the truthfulness of those hadiths. This alone suffices for one to be sure about it. Our Prophet's (saas) power and might deeply upset hypocrites. So would his youthfulness. The hypocrites of the time were living miserable lives. Muslims were quite prosperous while they were living in dumps. The sole reason behind the fact that the Islamic community could not achieve unity for 1200 years is the hypocrites, in other words, satan. They martyred Hazrat Ali, and he explains his act based on Quran; just similar to the hypocrites of our time. They say, "The verse refers to me, so I am a sacred person," and they present Hazrat Ali as satan (Hazrat Ali is above such thoughts) while presenting himself as savior. It is the same hypocrite characteristic. As the students of Mahdi, we carry out the vanguard duty of the Mahdi movement, and we will continue to do so. Struggling against satan is a duty of the Mahdi movement. As its vanguards, we will perform this duty with might. Both you and I are students of Mahdi. This is obvious and an undeniable fact.

Oktar Babuna: You have mentioned before, Said Nursi says that "The Mahdi movement will eliminate and ideologically kill the dissemblers – the hypocrites."

Adnan Oktar: The current of dissemblers. He says that Mahdi will wipe out the hypocrites. This is one of the characteristic of Mahdi. We are the vanguards of Mahdi, I am a student of Mahdi and so are you, insha'Allah. There is no ifs and buts about it; we are clearly his students insha’Allah.


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