What should we do when our faith is at odds with our reasoning?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 21st, 2018

VTR: What should we do when our faith is at odds with our reasoning?

ADNAN OKTAR: Our reasoning is the information merely stored in a tiny part of our brain, which mostly comprises of fat. We find our reasoning within this half a kilogram of fat and flesh. So what good does the information coming out of it do?  Definitely the information that draws from faith is essential. In the Qur'an God says, "The Universe had not been in existence until I created it out of nothing." Where does this stand according to reason? Although our reason finds it impossible, what God says is true. What does science say about this? It says, "Although this seemingly stands against reason, it is still scientifically true." Which means reason is invalid. Science states that "it is scientifically true." Indeed, out of an infinitely dense singularity with zero mass came about the entire universe. In other words, "The universe came into existence out of nothing."

EBRU ALTAN: Scientists say, "Matter and antimatter were produced. Then suddenly, antimatter vanished."


Brain contains a liter of water, 160 grams of fat, 110 grams of protein, 15 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of salt. What do these give rise you, you reckon? Brain mostly consists of ordinary water, a cupful of water. 160 grams of it consists of ordinary fat. 110 grams of it consists of protein that can also be found in any meat sold in butcher shops. 15 grams of sugar. What does 15 grams of sugar amount to? It amounts to merely a handful of sugar. And lastly, 10 grams of salt. That is all there is. Yet, out of their combination emerges reason. More than you will ever need, as they say (!) So, reason is wrong here. And God turns out to be right, as He always is.



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