The world has confidence in the Turkish people's compassion, justice and kindness; those who rule the world call for a Turkish Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview at TV Kayseri and Samsun AKS on August 25th, 2010


ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey already has an Ottoman experience from before. She has dominated the three continents. They are compassionate and honest people. For instance, when the army is moving ahead they walk through a place abounding in vineyards. The Ottoman soldiers pluck and eat grapes. They take money out of their pockets, put it inside a little sac and hang it on the branches of the grapes they have eaten.  I mean they thus say "We ate your grapes and here is the payment." There is no passing by and confiscating like gangsters. They are such an honest people, such a polite people. They fear Allah. Allah made them prevail because their system was constantly built on the fear of Allah. My brother, the conquest of Istanbul is a miracle. Europe would never have given Istanbul. Above all, it is their religious capitol; how could they give their religious capitol up? But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is going to emerge, so Allah makes them give it. They gave Istanbul because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is going to emerge; that is Allah made them give.

About the Turkish Islamic Union: they have been saying Turkey is growing stronger. It is a great power. We do not have any economic power. We are a poor nation in that sense. Right? We are a modest and compassionate nation who is satisfied with a loaf of bread and some cheese. We do not live with very high quality cars and houses. The situation in Anatolia is known. We have a big and rich heart. What Europe talking about is our spiritual wealth. We have an esteem, we are influential. They have confidence in our compassion. They have confidence in our love. They have confidence in our respect. The Turkish soldiers go to Somali and everyone embraces them. They go to Afghanistan and they embrace them. We are a beloved nation. This is what is meant by Europe. We also want to be the leader. This is our destiny. Now look, to be more clear; the world state that rules the world wants it this way. I mean, they should not make me say any more. Right? The world state calls for a Turkish Islamic Union in the leadership of Turkey. If you ask who is at the head of the state, it is obvious.. insha'Allah. Look, the whole world is advancing towards this step by step. Obama comes out and makes a statement about this. The President of France comes out and talks about this. The President of Russia comes out and talks about this. Everyone is advancing towards this step by step.  A power unknown to them drags them along this way, towards the Turkish Islamic Union. None of them could stop. Those who struggle against this are dragged along as well, so are those who struggle for this.

For example, if you ask whether or not Fatih Altayli calls for an Islamic Union; the answer is known. For example, what does he say about Erbakan? He talks in an inconceivable manner. This attitude would wake up any man who is lazy in a state of sleep. He would say "My sense of honor for Islam has burst. I came to my senses." He would thus realize the greatness of the incident and this would bring enthusiasm.


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