The stress of their disbelief drives hypocrites to an early death

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 8th, 2018

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites were strongly organized in our Prophet's (saas) era. They vastly outnumbered Muslims. Hypocrites' oppression spread far and wide, even reaching as far as the Prophet's (saas) wives. And the fact that they martyred Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Omar (ra), Hazrat Osman (ra) and Ahl Al-Bayt indicates the actual extent of hypocrites' influence. It can be seen that there was an immense hypocritical movement. While disbelievers failed, hypocrites succeeded martyring prominent Muslims. The discourse hypocrites used while martyring Muslims is also astounding. They claimed to be acting in the name of God, Islam and the Qur'an and even quote verses; typical hypocrite discourse. Truly, they have nothing to do with religion or faith. They are a bunch of conniving snobs. They are a bunch of conniving, snobbish, faithless, Godless maniacs, but they need a cover to escape public pressure and act freely. They wrap themselves in Muslim disguise and infiltrate Muslim communities to attack them from within. Hypocrites are disbelievers in Muslim disguise. This is what disbelievers do with hypocrites. What do disbelievers and satan do? They put on a Muslim disguise, a camouflage in a sense, and easily infiltrate the Muslim ranks. They are like cancer cells that multiply and spread without the body noticing it. Therefore, they have to be immediately dealt with whenever they are caught. Of course, hypocrites will always be present; they exist in every era. They should be dealt with in a rational way. We consider hypocrites nothing but objects of entertainment and excitement, like a game of football. God bestows Muslims with longevity and prosperity. Contrarily, hypocrites live short lives. Do you know why? Because their lives are riddled with stress and suffering. They always feel extremely tense as they constantly have to deal with the stress caused by their disbelief, the apprehensive anticipation of the negative attitude from Muslims, the ceaseless humiliation, ostracization and rejection they suffer, and being called out, directly or indirectly, for their shameless and vile deeds. Leading such lives completely overwhelms them. Historically, hypocrites have always lived short lives as opposed to the believers' long lives. This is why God bestows Mahdi (as) with longevity, to infuriate hypocrites. Masha'Allah, 120 years according to a narration:

"Hazrat Mahdi (as) will display the qualities of the prophets who came before him," says our Prophet (saas) and continues, "Among these prophets are the Prophet Adam (pbuh) and the Prophet Noah (pbuh). He will resemble them in that he is long-lived." Who? The Prophet Adam (pbuh) and the Prophet Noah (pbuh), both of whom had very long lifespans.

Imam al-Sajjad narrates: "Imam Mahdi (as) will have the quality of the Prophet Noah (pbuh), in that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has a long lifespan." This is to annoy hypocrites. "Hazrat Mahdi (as) will live long and he will have a youthful face," says our Prophet. "Those who see him will think that he is some 40-year-old man. Another one of his signs is that he will not grow old until God orders so."

It is quite annoying, is it not? It is very annoying on hypocrites' part.

Imam Zayn al-Abidin (ra) decreed: "There will be many similarities between our Qaim Mahdi (as) and the Messengers of God (saas). HE FULLY MATCHES EACH ONE OF THE PROPHETS NOAH (pbuh), ABRAHAM (pbuh), MOSES (pbuh), JESUS (pbuh), JOB (pbuh) AND MUHAMMAD (saas). He resembles the Prophet Noah (as) in being long-lived; the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) in the secrecy of his birth and his keeping away from people; the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in the state of fear around him," widespread violence, ploys, the British deep state; "the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in people falling into dispute regarding him." He says that people will fall into dispute regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as) as some say "Mahdi will come" and some say "He will not come", some say "He is on the right path" and some say "He is on the wrong path." Some say "He deviated" and some say "He is on the Way of Truth." People are in dispute about him. "...the Prophet Job (as) in finally being saved after tribulations," Hazrat Mahdi (as), too, will be faced with tribulations but his salvation will follow right after. Our Prophet (saas) says: Hazrat Mahdi (as) will suffer many difficulties, sickness and woes but, like the Prophet Job (as), he will escape them all through God’s mercy." "...and the Prophet (saas) in appearing with a sword…" Hazrat Mahdi (as) will possess the sacred relics of our Prophet’s (saas) holy relics, sword and shirt.

The era of Mahdi (as) will be marked by widespread prosperity and plenitude. Hypocrites will work for the benefit of Muslims just as they have done in the past. When the blessed Mahdi (as) appears, we will witness all of these. We are his students, his vanguard, so we cannot know. We are regular, common people. We will see together what the appearance of Imam Mahdi will entail.

SEDAT ALTAN: Mr. Adnan, the narrations also state that, just like the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), Mahdi (as) too will walk among people in public yet people will not recognize him.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, he is said to walk among people in public places. Our Prophet (saas) also underlines his uniqueness. He will be surprising in manners. When Brother Sungur was asked about it, he replied; "Mahdi will not be a follower of Nur." When we asked how he will be? He answered, "He will be wholly different. This is what Said Nursi said." He will be wholly different. I am curious about how the blessed Mahdi will turn out.

OKTAR BABUNA: He is the sum of all the Prophets.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, he is. We will see.

SEDAT ALTAN: In the verse of the Qur'an, God says, "I bequeathed their land, their houses and their wealth to you."

ADNAN OKTAR: This is really meaningful. Hypocrites' greed and ambition for worldly possessions and this is what kills them. God says: "Do not let their wealth and their children impress you. God merely wants to punish them." In other words, God grants them wealth and children to cause them sickness. Indeed, when we look at hypocrites, they collapse emotionally and physically, fully covered in wrinkles beyond recognition due to all sorts of diseases, woes and problems.



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