The mindset of the British deep state has led the Fethullah Gulen movement to hate Turkish nation to such an extent to kill the people

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 10th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: Riddling people with tracer bullets and armor piercing bullets from the air is a horrible villainy. See how the mindset of Rumism, the mindset of the British deep state brought them to this point. If the British deep state told them: “Destroy the whole of Turkey”, they would do that. They no longer have any connections with religion, belief or patriotism. Hatred of the Turkish nation has become a kind of worship for them; this is so horrible.

BÜLENT SEZGİN: You always tell that Darwinism has a significant role in this. Darwin said that Turks were an inferior race and that they must be eliminated. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkish nation is a pretty sweet nation, though; it is such a shameful hatred. People of Anatolia are sweet, meek, dignified and well-behaved. What did they do to you and you went so mad? You are egoist, selfish and you look down on people. There is perversion, murder, villainy, arrogance, churlishness [in you]. People of Anatolia, on the other hand, are pure, honorable and decent people. Pretty smart, too. What’s the point of this fierceness?


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